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“JWoww” Farley Reveals
– No Sex While I’m


Some celebs make pregnancy sound glamorous, but Jenni “JWoww” Farley is refreshingly honest with In Touch, telling the mag how she really feels about her pregnant body — and having sex while expecting!

“If you can keep the spark going, do it. But for me, it’s awkward," Jenni tells In Touch during an exclusive photo shoot about her disinterest in having sex while pregnant. "My body’s going through so much that I’m just like, ‘Ick!’”

JWoww Reveals Her Pregnancy Scare – Unborn Daughter Had a “Small Cyst on Her Brain”

Doctors banned Jenni and fiancé Roger Mathews from having sex for 30 days after discovering she had a low-lying placenta — and Jenni was thrilled to comply. “Roger asked me how much I paid off my doctor to say that!” she jokes.

“Pregnancy sucks!” she tells In Touch. “I’m exhausted, my boobs are massive and I’ve never been this big. I mean, it’s a blessing, but it’s crazy,” she complains. The craziest moment so far? “Roger’s family was visiting, and I tried to hold in a sneeze – and peed my pants! He just got me a new pair of pants and said, ‘Try not to hold in any more sneezes.’”

Check out all the pics from JWoww's baby bump photo shoot — and read all about her food cravings, her plan for a natural birth and much more — in the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now.