Teen mom chelsea houska adam lind

Chelsea Houska
Responds to Dad-to-Be
Adam Lind's Bad
Co-Parenting Claims


Now that the Teen Mom 2 season finale has aired, you might be wondering about the current state of affairs between Chelsea Houska and her ex, Adam Lind.

“Things have changed so much,” Chelsea confesses exclusively to In Touch.

Far after production for season four wrapped, Adam, the father to Chelsea’s three-year-old daughter, Aubree, has not only been nailed with jail time for multiple DUI charges, but has dropped a major bombshell –  he is expecting another child with his current girlfriend, Taylor Halbert, who is due in August.

“I don’t even try to have a relationship anymore for (Adam and I) to be together," the 21-year-old says. "My only focus is for Aubree and what’s best for her. I have learned that us together is not what’s best for her.”

In an exclusive interview, Chelsea opens up for the first time about the new drama, her feelings, and the future.

In Touch: Were you shocked to find out that Adam was expecting a child with his current girlfriend, Taylor Halbert?

Chelsea Houska: I was shocked when I found out that he was expecting another kid. He told me right away when he found out and I was just so upset for Aubree. I’m worried. What if that child gets more attention from him? I don’t want her to feel left out or anything like that.

IT: How did Adam tell you?

CH: He texted me and said that he had something to tell me and I immediately knew that’s what it was, so I called him and asked him if she was pregnant and he said, “Yeah.” I’m pretty sure I hung up because I was just so upset.

IT: Now that the news has sunk in, what are your thoughts about the situation?

CH: I’m happy for them. I just feel that he’s in a bad place right now and it’s probably not a good situation to bring a child into – especially since he has one.

IT: Have you or Adam told Aubree that she is going to be a big sister?

CH: I haven’t told her and I’m not sure if he’s told her. I think I’m going to wait a while to tell her. I don’t know what to do, so I have to wait a while. I’m sure she’ll be excited. She loves babies!

IT: How do you feel about Aubree hanging out with Adam and Taylor alone?

CH: Before I knew that they were hanging out with her together, I was a little freaked out about it and I was like a mama bear with her cub. I was super protective. But then afterwards when it finally happened, I wasn’t as upset as I thought I would be because it’s going to happen at some point. I had to put my feelings aside.

IT: How would you respond to Adam’s claims that you’re a bad co-parent?

CH: Well, he is in jail but on work release right now so he’s not able to see Aubree as easily as he could have if he wasn’t in jail, so I feel like he is just trying to make it seem like my problem or make me look bad because he’s in a bad situation himself.

IT: How do you plan on moving forward with Adam as a co-parent?

CH: He needs to either be there or not because I think him coming in and out after long periods of time is going to affect her more than if he’s either there or not there.

IT: What are your wishes for the future?

CH: That (Adam) would learn something from being in jail and being away from Aubree, grow up, stop getting in trouble and we could get along and he could see Aubree and she could be part of her sibling’s life and that everyone would be happy. That would be the perfect scenario.

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