In the preview for TLC‘s 90 Day Fiancé reunion, everyone’s already on edge. And when stars Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima show up late, it only causes even more drama. But while it seems that no one else in the cast is particularly fond of the couple, it’s Larissa and Fernanda Flores that have the biggest beef. So what’s going on with them, and how did it all get started? We’re breaking it down.

Why did Larissa and Fernanda from 90 Day Fiancé start feuding?

It all began with the Brazilian beauty’s legal troubles. Back in November, Larissa was arrested following a domestic incident with Colt. The arrest followed a social media breakdown where she revealed that her husband had turned off the data and wifi on her phone, changing her Instagram handle to “helpmeimwithoutphone” and writing, “I’M HIDDEN AT BATHROOM… HELP ME,” and other alarming messages. Co-stars like Ashley Martson tried to reach out, offering to fly Larissa to her home if she was unsafe, but a few days later Larissa seemed to be making light of the incident.

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After a 90 Day Fiancé fan account reposted a photo of the star jokingly posing with a police car, Fernanda got involved, too. “How can you make fun? A lot of people were genuinely concerned about you,” Fernanda wrote in the comments of the now-deleted post. She seemed to be speaking directly to Larissa — and, of course, it wasn’t long before the older woman responded. Not thrilled to be called out, Larissa started coming for Fernanda and dragging her in the comments of the same post. It wasn’t long before Colt, Larissa, and Fernanda were all feuding on Instagram.

“The only way you can stay relevant and try to convince people you’re not boring is to insert yourself in my affairs,” snapped the 31-year-old Brazilian. “Girl stop to be [sic] jealous, you copy everything that I do inclusive [sic] your bio,” she continued. “Did you forget that you [sic] copy and paste? No personality at all. Be careful next time that you assault someone hahaha I know that the scene was staged and you feel so sad for [sic] we make more success.” Colt threw shade, too: “Humm [sic], didn’t I see you throw water at a paid actress’s face and almost assault her in a painfully obvious staged and fraud scene at a nightclub last week?”

It wasn’t long before Fernanda’s husband, Jonathan Rivera, got involved with his own clap backs. “Oh what success…two days in jail and your new couch?” he wrote to Larissa, but was quickly shouted down by both halves of the couple. “Go buy another child… you know that this season not happened,” the 31-year-old wrote. “Hello my name is Jonathan, perhaps you remember me from such things as being a douche bag on the internet and buying a child bride,” Colt mockingly added. “This is the second time you or someone in your life has interfered in my affairs. You are not welcomed, go back to hawking your scarves or whatever side gig you are desperately trying to squeeze from your [five] minutes of fandom.”

Then there was drama surrounding the reunion taping.

In the preview, you can see that Colt and Larissa show up late for the taping — but at the time, it seemed that they were skipping the reunion altogether. While all of their cast mates were filming in New York, it appeared the couple was lounging around and spending time together watching TV rather than working. “Enjoying the day off with not a care in the world,” the 33-year-old captioned a selfie of him and his wife. When he decided to do a little Instagram Q&A, fans asked them why they didn’t seem to be filming with everyone else, and Colt joked, “Because I’m watching Star Trek.”

Though they revealed that they were in New York a few hours later, sharing a picture of them captioned, “Big Apple, 3 a.m.,” it seemed the damage had already been done. In the comments, fans were already debating why they’d go to the city and not the tell-all and if it was because of their feud with Fernanda and Jonathan. “Are y’all going to hang out with the other cast members while you’re there?” one fan asked, with another writing, “Well, Fernanda and Jonathan have both been rude to Colt and Larissa. That would [be] awkward.”

And then at the tell-all itself, things seemed to blow up.

In the preview, you can see Larissa saying, “If they open fire, they are ready to receive the fire back, too.” When they’re ready to walk out to set, Jonathan whispers, “I don’t even wanna see her. Make me cringe.” But Larissa isn’t ready to see them yet either: “My enemies there,” she complains as she’s hurried out to the stage. “They will look amazing; I will look like s–t!” And the accusations just keep flying. “She’s here just trying to get a green card. Be real,” Fernanda insists. “[Colt]’s so stupid. He deserves her.”

When everyone is finally on stage together, Larissa starts shouting. “Show respect you f–king brat,” she yells, calling the other woman “nasty” and saying, “Jealous of you? What?” More than one couple gets up to walk off set to avoid the tensions, but it’s clear that’s not all that’s about to go down.

Things got worse, though, when the rest of the cast found out about Larissa’s children.

When word got out that the star had two kids who she’d left behind in Brazil, pretty much everyone freaked. Jay Smith called her a “poor excuse of a woman,” and Fernanda had her own harsh words to share. Larissa seemed to hold herself above the drama at first, sharing an Instagram post that read, “Real queens fix each other’s crowns.” However, it wasn’t long before she was clarifying for her fans exactly what was going on. In an Instagram post, she spelled it all out for everyone.

“I have just one thing to say about other cast members’ passive-aggressive behavior. I stopped talking to them,” the 31-year-old wrote in a now-deleted post. “I blocked them and will continue looking forward. I’ll keep my behavior to not talk about their personal life, no matter if it’s in the public eye. I know who I am and what I am worth and other lives just matter if I can help or give encouragement.”

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In an Instagram Story, she got even more specific. “Nothing against her,” she claimed. “I just saw her twice in my life. I wish them the happiness and a happily ever after (all 90 Day Fiancé cast). I just [don’t] understand why she continues to talk and throw shade at me in regards to my personal affairs. When you don’t agree with someone, it is simple to block and keep living, right? It is what I did and what I’ll continue to do. When someone doesn’t leave my personal life alone, it is their problem, not mine anymore.”

Now, it seems that Larissa is ready to put their feud behind them — but as they relive the drama when it airs on TLC on Sunday, Jan. 6, things are sure to heat up once again.

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