What is going on?! For the most part, all of the cast members of 90 Day Fiancé try to get along — after all, they’re all going through the shared experience of opening up their personal and love lives to TLC viewers as they document the 90 days leading up the day they marry their foreign partners. But with all of the different types of personalities on Season 6 cast, there’s bound to be some clashing. Four days after Larissa Dos Santos Lima was arrested on domestic battery charges, she got into a nasty social media feud with her co-star Fernanda Flores — and of course, Larissa’s husband Colt Johnson and Fernanda’s husband Jonathan Rivera both jumped in to back up their wives.

It all started when a 90 Day Fiancé Instagram fan account reposted a photo that Larissa shared on her personal Instagram page. The photo was a throwback pic of her at Madame Tussauds, and she posed with her hands on the hood of a police car, bent over slightly and smiling back at the camera. It seemed like she shared the photo as a way to troll fans after her recent arrest on Nov. 10, and Larissa’s co-star Fernanda did not think it was a good look.

“How can you make fun? A lot of people were genuinely concerned about you,” Fernanda, 20, wrote in the comments of the post. It didn’t take long for Larissa to clap back. “The only way you can stay relevant and try to convince people you’re not boring is to insert your self in my affairs,” the 31-year-old wrote.

As if Larissa’s comment wasn’t savage enough, her husband Colt chimed in and dragged Fernanda some more by bringing up the way Fernanda reacted when she caught Jonathan dancing with another woman at a club in a recent episode. “Humm [sic], didn’t I see you throw water at a paid actress’s face and almost assault her in a painfully obvious staged and fraud scene at a nightclub last week?” Colt, 33, wrote.

Larissa continued to come for Fernanda in the comments. “Girl stop to be [sic] jealous, you copy everything that I do inclusive [sic] your bio,” Larissa told Fernanda. “Did you forget that you [sic] copy and paste? No personality at all. Be careful next time that you assault someone hahaha I know that the scene was staged and you feel so sad for [sic] we make more success.”

That’s when Jonathan stepped in to defend Fernanda with his own clapback for Larissa. “Oh what success…two days in jail and your new couch?” the 32-year-old wrote.

But Jonathan was no match for the clapback queen, and she roasted him for the very big age difference between him and Fernanda. “Go buy another child… you know that this season not happened,” Larissa wrote.

And fittingly enough, Colt seemed to be the king of the clapback game and he came for Jonathan’s entire life with one last scathing comment. “Hello my name is Jonathan, perhaps you remember me from such things as being a douche bag on the internet and buying a child bride,” Colt wrote, mocking Jonathan. “This is the second time you or someone in your life has interfered in my affairs. You are not welcomed, go back to hawking your scarves or whatever side gig you are desperately trying to squeeze from your [five] minutes of fandom.”

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