She’s speaking out! 90 Day Fiancé star Eric Rosenbrook and his wife Leida Cohen ended their storyline on a bit of a sad note after his older daughters refused to attend their wedding on the season finale. But it looks like that family feud is still going strong to this day because Eric’s middle daughter Tasha took to Instagram to reveal that she and her older sister Tanille did not exchange Christmas presents over the holidays with their dad. According to Tasha, Eric only gifted his youngest daughter Jennica with a present for Christmas. Watch the video above to see what Tasha had to say and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

All of the drama between Eric and his daughters was documented on Season 6 of the hit TLC reality TV series, 90 Day Fiancé. Eric, 40, and his daughter Tasha, 19, were living together in a two-bedroom apartment before Eric’s then-fiancée Leida arrived in America with her young son, Alessandro. Eric claimed that he and Tasha had an agreement that she would find a place and move out before Leida, 29, arrived so that her son could have Tasha’s bedroom, but Tasha did not have a place to stay when Leida arrived. It didn’t help that Leida also felt that Tasha purposefully left the apartment trashed so that she was greeted with a huge mess.

Leida allowed Tasha to stay in the apartment, but she eventually convinced Eric that he would have to ask his daughter to move out as a way to prove to Leida that she was a priority in his life. During a particularly tense scene, Leida called Eric on the phone and they both confronted Tasha. “Get your s–t and get out,” Eric told his daughter. Leida called her teenage stepdaughter names like “b—h” and “c–t” in the process.

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