Well, this is one way to earn some cash. Steven Frend from 90 Day Fiancé appears to have joined Cameo, which will allow him to make personalized video messages for fans of the show — for a price. Considering the recent financial hardship Steven and his wife, Olga, have been facing, the move shouldn’t be a total surprise to anyone who follows couples from the TLC reality series.

Steven shared an image of his Cameo page on his Instagram Story and captioned it, “Coming soon when I fly to Russia on the 22nd.” So it won’t be long before you, too, can pay a small price and get a special message from the 90 Day Fiancé cast member. Who knows? There could be people out there who would appreciate it as a late Christmas gift or something.


It looks like Steven is charging $25 for a personal message, which certainly could be worse. Fans noticed in the past that Danielle from 90 Day Fiancé charged $40 for a video message and that Nicole Nafziger charged $50, while Rachel and Jon offered them for $30 each. So Steven’s Cameo messages are actually on the more affordable side by comparison.

Steven may have joined Cameo because he and Olga have been dealing with some financial difficulties as of late. Us Weekly reported on Dec. 22 that they launched a GoFundMe fundraiser page asking fans to donate money to help them pay for bills and to care for their infant son. “Drastic times call for drastic measures, as myself [sic] (Steven) am only 21 years old,” the story description on the GoFundMe read. “Trying my hardest to get my life on the right track and I feel as if I’m doing a great job. But we face certain hardships. Olga will be unable to work for an extensive period of time, as for myself I just landed a job opportunity as a Fire Sprinkler Installer (Apprenticeship Program) the training is [four] years long.”

US Weekly reported that they were initially trying to raise $15,000, but the goal is now $5,000 and they’ve raised more than enough — $5,410 as of the morning of Jan. 3.

But the couple can’t keep doing GoFundMe campaigns forever, so why not turn to another option like Cameo? If fans will pay for the messages, Olga and Steven might as well take advantage of the opportunity, right?

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