Ouch! The cast of 90 Day Fiancé Season 6 all bonded during their trip to NYC to film the tell-all earlier this month — well, all except Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Even though they made it seem like they skipped the taping, they eventually participated in filming but it sounds like they didn’t quite hit it off with their co-stars. Now, Jay Smith took to Instagram to slam Larissa after she allegedly unfollowed him and his fiancée Ashley Martson on Instagram and he hit her with a very low blow comment about the fact that she does not currently have custody of her two kids.

“Larissa blocked me and Ash… I guess after seeing us with Ashley’s kids nonstop she couldn’t handle the fact that she can’t even take care of hers,” Jay, 20, wrote in a text post on his Instagram Story that was shared via blogger John Yates. “Poor excuse of a woman. I hope your a– gets deported with your domestic violence stupideeee [sic] a–.”

Jay roasted Larissa by making fun of her Brazilian accent, and he also brought up a very touchy subject for Larissa. Earlier this month, after Larissa was arrested on domestic battery charges after a fight with her husband Colt, people from Larissa’s past surfaced on social media and they started exposing her deepest, darkest secrets. Larissa later confirmed to In Touch that the rumors that she has two children whom she left behind in her home country of Brazil when she moved to the United States to marry Colt earlier this year were true — and she also explained why she doesn’t have her children with her.

She explained that when she was younger, she moved in with a former boyfriend and they had a son together. But that relationship didn’t end well and she wasn’t getting child support for her son, so Larissa found herself financially and emotionally unable to care for her child. “For this reason, I decided to let his aunt adopt him, she was always there for me and she loved him very much. This decision still breaks my heart today and it is a very delicate matter to me,” Larissa wrote on Instagram.

Larissa said she also has a daughter who is currently living with her father in Brazil, and she explained her reason for not bringing her daughter with her to the United States. “I wanted to try my life here with Colt first, I want to move to a ‘biggie house’ and make sure the relationship will work out before I bring her,” Larissa wrote. “I also want to open my business to be able to support my daughter.”

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