The truth has been revealed. 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima was arrested on Saturday, Nov. 10 after a fight with her husband Colt Johnson. In the days after she was released from jail, Larissa and Colt have been trying to downplay all of the rumors floating around about what exactly went down between them. But now, in the official LVMPD domestic violence police report obtained by In Touch, the details about what happened between Colt and Larissa have been revealed.

Larissa, 31, and Colt, 33, both previously claimed that no one sustained any sort of injuries during their fight but Colt actually had “nail scratches” on his “eyebrow, left eye area,” according to the police report. Colt also had “red bruising” on his abdomen.

According to the report, two LVMPD officers responded to Colt and Larissa’s home in Las Vegas after receiving a call that claimed Larissa has posted on her Instagram story, claiming that she had been “locked” in the bathroom while Colt was “going crazy.”

When officers arrived at Colt and Larissa’s home, they heard “yelling” between a male and a female.  According to the report, the “yelling became increasingly loud and to sound in distress,” so an officer attempted to kick down the door. But Larissa opened the front door and ran out, which is when police arrested Colt.

While Colt was in handcuffs, Larissa claimed that they were arguing because Colt cut off her cell phone service. She claimed that at one point during their argument, Colt “pulled the back of her hair,” but she didn’t have any visible injuries at the time.

Meanwhile, Colt told the officers that he turned off Larissa’s cell phone service because she was “posting bad things” about him on Instagram, and claiming he was cheating on her. He claimed she threatened to “flatten his car tires” if he didn’t restore her cell phone service, and continued to argue with him. Colt said that during their fight, Larissa “pushed” him against a wall and reached at his face with her hands, which then caused her to “scratch his left eye area with her fingernail.” Since officers observed Colt’s visible injury, they released him from his handcuffs and he then lifted up his shirt to show them another injury — a “red bruise” on the right side of his stomach.

“Based on the facts and circumstances that [Colt] alleged a battery and had a fresh visible scratch and red bruise to support his story, and the fact that [Larissa] alleged a battery but had no visible injury to support her story, and the fact that a records check showed that [Larissa] has a prior domestic battery arrest from June 2018, [Larissa] was determined to be the primary aggressor and arrested for domestic battery,” the report read.

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