Married at First Sight season 12 brought the controversial marriage experiment to Atlanta for the first time, and matches Paige Banks and Chris Williams, Briana Myles and Vincent Morales, Clara Berghaus and Ryan Oubre, Haley Harris and Jacob Harter, and Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake certainly had fans on the edge of their seats by Decision Day

While season 12 was the first time the experts included a divorcee in the candidate pool, it was also the first time a couple had to deal with a surprise pregnancy! Since the series wrapped in 2021, fans are interested to see which marriages are still going strong.

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Virginia and Erik Still Together?

Who Stays Together on Married At First Sight Season 12

Despite Erik and Virginia finding immediate chemistry on their wedding day, their age gap would become an issue. Erik, who was eight years his new bride’s senior, struggled with her partying lifestyle and didn’t agree with her often spending the night on the couches of her male friends’ homes.

Erik and Virginia agreed to stay married on Decision Day, which aired in May 2021, but ultimately decided to divorce after less than one year of marriage. 

“We’ve made best efforts to keep some parts of our relationship out of the public eye. This entire process has been difficult as is without the constant chatter of public opinion,” the pair shared in a statement to E! In July 2021. “Contrary to popular belief, we’ve been together and trying to make our marriage work since Decision Day. While we have decided to get a divorce, we aren’t closing the doors on a possible future together.”

Following their split, the pilot went Instagram official with his new girlfriend, Logan, in October 2022. 

“The past is the past and I can’t sit here and regret every little thing that happened before because all of it led me right where I’m supposed to be now. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” the season 12 alum wrote alongside an adorable picture of the pair exploring the outdoors together. “I’ve seen that level of happiness all around me for years and years in other people’s relationships. It’s an amazing thing to witness and I thought I knew what that felt like a time or two, but when you actually find someone that puts you on a level you never knew you could attain, it’s an unbelievable feeling.”

After Erik announced his engagement to Logan in March 2023, things got messy between the former flames after Virginia took to TikTok to participate in a viral trend where users lipsync words of a song that pertains to their life. 

In the clip, Virginia sang Sabrina Carpenter’s “Opposite” and captioned the post, “But the version where your ex-husband gets engaged less than a year after you cut him off,” adding laughing emojis. 

However, it’s clear Erik’s fiancée didn’t find humor in the post and Virginia replied to her comment directly in another TikTok video. “If you have something to say, you can message me private DM on IG. Otherwise, I’m done with the drama,” Logan’s statement read. 

“No you brought this here and it’s staying here,” Virginia shot back in the clip. “And I bet money you probably know a small portion of the stories that I’ve continued to hide for him, but I bet you don’t know all of them. But everyone’s about to know a lot of them, at least the ones that affect me. Cause’ according to the internet I’m not allowed to tell his story, but most of them are my story too, um … like the DUI and the rehab.”

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Briana and Vincent Still Together?

Who Stays Together on Married At First Sight Season 12 11
Courtesy of Briana Myles/Instagram

While Briana and Vincent weren’t the only season 12 couple to say ‘Yes’ to forever on Decision Day, they are the only match still together in 2023.

The engineer and former car broker impressed viewers with their emotional intelligence and fans weren’t surprised when the couple opted to stay together.

Briana and Vincent welcomed their first child, a daughter named Aury Bella, on January 3, 2023. 

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Clara and Ryan Still Together?

Who Stays Together on Married At First Sight Season 12 1

Clara and Ryan chose to stay together on Decision Day and when they returned for the Where Are They Now? special in June 2021, had revealed to fans they were planning a New Year’s Eve vow renewal. 

However, the season 12 couple shocked fans in July 2021 after announcing their decision to divorce after less than a year of marriage.

“After taking some time away from cameras, we have reached that point in our marriage where we know it’s better to go our separate ways,” Clara and Ryan shared in a statement to E! News at the time. “Grateful to all who stood by us, and continue to stand by us as we make this very difficult decision. It goes without saying, we remain friends and hope for nothing but the best for each other.”

While the pair didn’t hint at what led to the split at the time, Ryan broke his silence on his and Clara’s off camera issues in December 30, 2021, Instagram post, shortly before the flight attendant was set to publicly address their split for the first time on the Married at First Sight season 14 kickoff special.

“You can’t truly be open to marry another race and not want to marry their culture (or at least minimum understand it) [sic],” he wrote in a lengthy Instagram post. “What I can say is: walking into a family gathering and not speaking to anyone and scrolling through your phone will never fly and declining food (outside of a food allergy or avoidance) because you don’t like the way it looks won’t help either.”

While Ryan didn’t intend the post as “an accusation of racism,” he added that the couple “avoided having these conversations on camera as I knew this was a complex topic.” 

“I knew this was a complex topic and did not want it to seem as I was weaponizing the camera against [Clara],” he explained. “I will own that — I intentionally derailed conversations or avoided them because I knew where it would go. We had enough of them off camera to know how it would go on camera.”

A day later, Clara responded to Ryan’s allegations via her own social media post. 

“I’ve spent the last six months of therapy, reflecting over my @mafslifetime experience and I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine,” she captioned the December 2021 Instagram post. “I never thought I would speak publicly about my divorce but I’ve realized that, while I don’t owe anyone any explanations, I also don’t owe anyone my silence. I have spent so much time not speaking up for myself because I’m so wildly conflict adverse, but the only way to heal and grow is to start doing things that make me uncomfortable [sic]. And, in all honesty, I feel like not sharing would be doing a disservice to anyone going through something similar.”

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Paige and Chris Still Together?

Who Stays Together on Married At First Sight Season 12 3

Chris and Paige shared one of the most dramatic storylines in franchise history. Only days after tying the knot as strangers, Chris revealed on their honeymoon that his ex-fiancée, Mercedes Myrick, was pregnant. 

However, on Decision Day, Chris revealed that his ex-fiancée suffered a miscarriage, seemingly also trying to convince Paige not to divorce him.  

“You were the best thing I never cherished and you embodied everything I ever wanted in a wife and I allowed external circumstances to affect that and I want to say that from the bottom of my heart,” the entrepreneur said during the series finale. “I’m legitimately sorry for ruining this.” Despite the grand gesture, the season 12 match opted to end the relationship. 

However, during the May 2021 reunion show, Chris and Paige revealed they had attended counseling in an attempt to fix the marriage. However, after things didn’t improve, the pair chose to divorce. 

Since leaving the series, Paige revealed she was pregnant and expecting her first child with her boyfriend Justin in September 2023.

 “I’ve always wanted to be a mother and embrace all of the beautiful possibilities that come with raising and nurturing a child of my own,” she captioned the birth announcement via Instagram. “Finally I felt like God had answers the desires of my heart and gave me something that I had been yearning for.”

The season 12 alum added that she was excited to start this journey with “her person” and “safe space.”

“My confidant and most importantly my best friend,” the Atlanta native continued. “Life isn’t always easy, but doing it with you make things so worthwhile. I can’t wait to see you in action with our little love.”

The pair welcomed baby No. 1, daughter Nova Rae, on February 26, 2024.

“Nova, what a blessing you are! The past 10 months have been a journey watching and feeling you grow in my tummy and we are so grateful you are finally here!” the couple told People on March 22, 2024. “Nova enjoys snuggles with Mom and Dad, listening to oldies music and long naps during the day to keep Mom and Dad up at night. She was named Nova, which means Bright Star, because she brings so much light to our lives and Rae because she makes our world go round just like a ray of sunshine.”

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Haley and Jacob Still Together?

Who Stays Together on Married At First Sight Season 12 4

While Haley and Jacob appeared to gel at the beginning of their relationship, the couple, who also shared a 10-year age gap, would struggle with intimacy and attraction the entire season.

The Atlanta residents chose to end their marriage on Decision Day and are currently not together. 

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