This plural wife knows how to get a little salty! Janelle Brown from TLC’s Sister Wives shaded another show on the network via Twitter on March 10, and fans definitely have some feelings about her comments. Janelle, 49, had something to say about a couple on Seeking Sister Wife and must have decided social media was the place to make her opinion known. (Because obviously that never goes wrong!)

There’s apparently a couple on Seeking Sister Wife who decided to get “intimate” before being married, and Janelle thinks that’s a no-go. “Just a quick comment on Seeking Sister Wife commercial — just can’t help myself — intimacy before commitment — is a bad idea from our perspective,” she wrote on Twitter. “In our culture, it’s prohibited. You are dating a family, not a man.” The promo must have aired on the same network that her show is on while she was watching her series, and it sounds like Janelle is not a fan of the way some of these other polyamorous couples are doing things compared to the Brown family.

janelle sister wives twitter

However, a lot of people in the replies of her social media statement pointed out that not everyone does plural marriage or relationships the way Janelle and her sister wives — Meri Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown — and their husband, Kody Brown, do. “It seems like none of these families are coming at plural marriage for religious reasons …” one person responded to her. “Janelle these families are not seeking on a religious nature,” another replied. “You heard the one guy and I quote, ‘I need more love.’ In other words from his perspective, not his families [sic].”

But several other people agreed with the Sister Wives star. “I agree with you. I think intimacy should be after,” one person wrote. Another responded, “Thank you, Janelle! I’ve done a lot of reading on polygamy, and the religious aspect of it. None of the people on that show seem to really get it.”

While it isn’t completely clear which couple Janelle is referencing with her tweet, a recent example of talk of premarital sex on Seeking Sister Wife came up between Vanessa and Dimitri with his wife, Ashley. They seem totally fine with knockin’ boots before being married, spiritually or otherwise, in the clip below.

No matter how Janelle may feel about the fellow polyamorous individuals on TLC, it’s certainly interesting that she chose to comment on them on social media. Was she trying to stir up some drama? The network may not be happy with her for calling out another one of its shows. She hasn’t commented further, so who knows what could be going on behind the scenes.

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