Jon Gosselin rose to fame on TLC‘s Jon and Kate Plus 8, but what does he do for a living now? Turns out, the reality TV alum is well-versed in a variety of careers.

After the show ended in 2009, the dad of eight — who shares kids Mady, Cara, Hannah, Collin, Aaden, Joel, Leah and Alexis with ex-wife Kate Gosselin — dabbled in several public jobs to earn an income. Keep scrolling to learn more.

He worked in the restaurant industry

Fans were shocked when it was revealed that the Pennsylvania native worked in the kitchen at chain restaurant T.G.I. Friday’s. However, Jon quit after a fellow employee sold a photo of him working to the media.

“Thanks a lot, man!” he told Dallas radio station 103.7 KVIL FM at the time. “Now I gotta go through all of this stuff and leave a job that I was passionate about.”

He works at Amazon

It’s likely that his main source of income today is working at Amazon. “This is my work family that I’m leaving to transfer to another facility next week,” Jon announced via Instagram on August 19. “We are the original OPSTech IT @amazon_ten1 me, Darnell, Jose & Tony. Gonna miss my team!!! Guys, it’s been real. I’ll Chime you when I’m at the delivery stations!!! @amazonvestlife.”

According to his LinkedIn, the reality dad has been an “I.T. Support Associate II at Amazon” since October 2020.

Jon Gosselin Amazon
Courtesy of Jon Gosselin/Instagram

He’s been working in I.T. for a while

Back in 2017, a friend told Hollywood Life that Jon was working full-time as an I.T. administrator. “It’s a good stable job with decent pay,” the friend said. Additionally, the source explained the “regular job” would hopefully help him gain full custody of his kids. “He’s really hopeful that this will help him get more time with [them].”

Jon was an I.T. Specialist at Berks Community Health Center, and before that, he was an I.T. Administrator for Bethany Children’s Home.

He’s also a DJ

While he may be an I.T. guy by day, Jon often works as a disc jockey by night. That said, he’s not a club DJ.

“I do the lounge,” Jon told Yahoo Entertainment. “I don’t do the club.” In 2016, he even DJ’ed his nephew’s prom, however, he pays his bills by booking out other DJs via Embodied Agency, for which he is VP of sales.

Jon Gosselin Job DJ
Courtesy of Jon Gosselin/Instagram

“I have my residencies, which pay my bills,” Jon divulged to the outlet. “I get good money. I work at Building 24 in my hometown. It’s great for my kids. It means I’m not traveling a lot.” He continued, “I make more money booking than I do DJ’ing. You can only DJ seven days a week. You’re capped. But if you have other DJs working for you, that’s increased.” For each booking, he pulls in “15 to 20 percent based on the gig.”

He tried stripping

Jon also briefly tried stripping. In April 2017, he starred in three acts of the “Untamed Male Revue” at Dusk nightclub in Atlantic City. Not only did he get some extra cash from the event, but he said it also helped him get into shape. “I lost weight,” he told Page Six. “I lost 25 pounds — for my health, too.”

As for what his kids thought of their dad’s gig? “I cleared it with them before I did anything … I told them the whole marketing plan,” he assured. “They’re teenagers now. They understand this stuff.”

His ex-girlfriend set up a GoFundMe for his custody fees

Despite his many jobs, Jon had trouble keeping himself afloat thanks to his expensive custody battle with Kate. As a result, his now ex-girlfriend Colleen Conrad set up a fundraiser to cover the cost of his legal fees.

“The family and friends of Jon Gosselin know the loving, caring, devoted father that he is, and they understand his desire to do what is best for his children,” the fundraiser stated. “Like many divorced parents, Jon works hard each day and most weekends, wanting nothing more than to spend quality time with his kids. For Jon, it’s been an eight-year battle in family court, one that pits him against media and financial forces that far exceed his own.”

“Fame and fortune do not always go together, and Jon is the perfect example of that reality. Things are not always as they are portrayed,” the page read. “He works a steady job and earns extra money on the side as a disc jockey. Now he is forced into an expensive unjust battle for custody, one that drains his time, energy and finances.”

While the account raised over $3,000, it’s currently not accepting any money — nor is it clear what the initial goal was.

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