Talk about TMI! Tori Spelling revealed she’s unable to go to the bathroom unless someone else is with her, and her current toilet watcher is her youngest son.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum told listeners she ​hasn’t “pooped [or] peed alone in [the] 18 years” she was married to Dean McDermott during her Monday, April 8, “Misspelling” podcast. Tori, 50, filed for divorce from the former actor in March after the two separated in June 2023.

Without Dean, the duty of watching Tori go to the bathroom fell to the five children the couple share: Liam, 17, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and Beau, 7.

“First it was Dean, then it was kids. Beau still stands there and stares and talks to me, like, while I’m pooping,” Tori explained, adding, “I think I function better with people.”

Seemingly knowing that she might get blowback for such a revelation, Tori added, “Is that codependent? Yes. Cool.”

Tori’s kids have been though a lot in the past year in addition to watching their mom use the toilet.

The Stori Telling author revealed in May 2023 that she and her children had been suffering from a variety of illnesses after toxic mold was found in their home. “We are seeking accommodations via a hotel, Airbnb, or Vrbo home until we can grasp what to do,” she told her Instagram followers when informing them of the mold situation.

On June 17, 2023, which happened to be Father’s Day, Dean posted and later deleted an Instagram announcement that he and Tori had split.

Tori Spelling Makes Her Kids Watch Her Poop and Pee in Bathroom
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“It is with great sadness and a very very heavy heart that after 18 years together and 5 amazing children, that @torispelling and I have decided to go our separate ways, and start a new journey of our own,” Dean wrote.

“We will continue to work together as loving parents and guide and love our children through this difficult time,” the former chef added. Tori did not comment on his split post at the time, which was promptly taken down. In November 2023, Dean admitted he shared the post while drunk and entered rehab shortly afterward with Tori’s help.

In July 2023, Tori and her kids moved into a $100 a night Hollywood motel. She defended her decision at the time amid speculation she’d fallen on hard financial times. “Are you a parent? You know you would do whatever you can for your kids, right?” the True Tori alum told a TMZ cameraman.

The following month, Tori and her children were photographed living out of a recreational vehicle in a Ventura County, California, campground. While she later claimed it was part of a family road trip, Tori said her daughter Stella was “shamed” over it when she returned to school in the fall, as other students thought she was “homeless.”

“My daughter is like, ‘People already talk about us at school. They know you and they know the family and they read the press,’” Tori told listeners during the debut episode of her “Misspellings” podcast on March 31.

“She had someone come up to her at school and ask, ‘Are you in the school district, or where does your RV park? Because you live in an RV with your mom, right?'” The Mistle-Tones actress added.

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