Dean McDermott has revealed his alcohol abuse was the main reason for the breakdown in his 18-year marriage to Tori Spelling, admitting he shared a post about their split in June while drunk.

The Canadian actor, 56, completed a 40-day stint in rehab over the summer and confessed in an interview with the Daily Mail, “All Tori’s ever done to this day is want me to be happy and healthy and I inflicted a lot of damage and pain on that woman.”

He continued, “I’m taking accountability for that today. And it’s the biggest amend that I’m ever going to have to make.”

Dean revealed he and Tori, 50, hadn’t shared a bedroom since 2017 and his alcohol fueled rages terrified both his estranged wife and their five children, Liam, 16, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and Beau, 6.

Tori forgave Dean for a 2013 affair and helped get him into rehab for the first time. “She really tried to help me and she would do it in a loving and subtle way like making suggestions until it got so bad, she was like, ‘you need to get help,'” he told the publication.

However, once he got out and began filming the Lifetime reality show True Tori in 2014, where he confessed to his adultery and other issues in their marriage, Dean found it hard to stay sober.

By 2017, Dean’s drinking had escalated to alarming levels. “Alcohol made me feel good enough. I started feeling good enough until it got to a point where it didn’t – it ended up in isolation,” he recalled.

“It ended up with me drinking a fifth of tequila every night, seven days a week, and a handful of narcos [prescription meds] by myself with a beautiful family in the other room. That’s what it led to and that’s what led to the brokenness and to what happened between me and Tori,” Dean confessed.

“I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t live that life anymore. I was tired of the anger and the yelling,” he described his life. Dean’s rock bottom came in June, saying at the time, “I would wake up angry that I woke up and I have these five, six beautiful kids in my life, but I was so dark and hopeless, I couldn’t see that.”

The Due South actor said he was drunk when he posted an Instagram message on June 17 saying he and Tori had split.

“It’s with great sadness and a very, very heavy heart that after 18 years together and five amazing children, [we’ve] decided to go our separate ways,” he began.

Dean continued, “We will continue to work together as loving parents and guide and love our children through this difficult time.” The post was quickly taken down but not before fans were left wondering about the state of the pair’s marriage, as both remained silent on whether or not they were divorcing.

After the post, Dean said Tori helped get him into a rehab center. He now lives in a sober living home outside Los Angeles with other recovering alcoholics.

Dean told the publication he still loves Tori, but life got “tough” for him, including the former couple’s financial woes, their large family and living under the public spotlight.

“It’s just really tough. I’m not making excuses. I certainly had my hand in it in the dissolution of the relationship,” he added.

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