Proud mom! The Little Couple star Jen Arnold gives fans an update on her kids, Will and Zoey, following the family’s move from Florida to Boston in an exclusive video interview with In Touch.

“He’s in middle school, which is crazy here. Fifth grade is in middle school,” Jen, 48, tells In Touch about Will, 12. “He’s, like, all of a sudden kind of growing up before my eyes.”

She adds that Zoey, 10, is “still doing well” in elementary school. “She’s really become quite artistic. And so, we’re trying to support that,” the TLC star shares about her daughter’s interests. “It seems like she is just really talented when it comes to drawing and painting.”

Similar to his sister, Will has also taken an interest in a creative hobby. “Will is taking up trumpet lessons, which is really cool,” Jen says.

‘The Little Couple’ Star Jen Arnold Says Kids Will and Zoey Are ‘Growing Up Before My Eyes’
Courtesy of Jen Arnold/Instagram

When the kids – whom Jen shares with husband Bill Klein – aren’t pursuing their creative interests, they’re making time to be active. “Zoey is doing horseback riding,” the doctor says. Meanwhile, Will plans to start playing lacrosse this summer. “He’s really excited to do lacrosse. So, those are like the big activities that they’re super excited about,” Jen shares.

The mom of two also reveals if her kids know what they want to do for jobs when they’re older. “Will kind of goes back and forth,” she says. “He loves football. I have to tell him he can’t become a football player. So, that’s the one downside.”

Jen went on to note that Will is “like his dad,” adding that they are both New York Giants fans. ”He talks about becoming a football player, and I have to sort of remind him that’s probably not the best choice,” she explains. “He also likes to fly. So, maybe he’ll become a pilot. Who knows? At times, he’s said he wants to be the first little person in space.”

The TV personality adds that she encourages Will to pursue most of his dreams. “I tell him he can do whatever he wants outside of playing football,” she says with a laugh. “He just asked me about coaching the other day and I said, ‘Absolutely. you can coach.’ So, it’s either gonna be sports or I think flying for him.”

As for Zoey, Jen says her youngest child has expressed interest in becoming a teacher or working with animals. “She is definitely my animal lover and obsessed with animals,” the neonatologist says. “I have a feeling it’s gonna be something in the animal world.”

Will was adopted from China when he was 3, while Zoey was adopted from India when she was 2. Jen and Bill chose to adopt after doctors said a pregnancy could be lethal to Jen and a baby due to her form of dwarfism. The couple worked with a surrogate to have a biological child, though sadly suffered two miscarriages.

Jen also revealed if she and Bill, 47, plan to adopt any more children. “We have talked about it. We continue to occasionally talk about it. But I think given everything that’s going on for us right now, it’s definitely not been on the forefront of conversation,” Jen told In Touch. “In fact, it hasn’t even come up ’cause I think we’re both just trying to hold on right now for dear life, given between the pandemic and trying to focus on Will and Zoey and moving and new jobs.”

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