Growing family? Little Couple star Dr. Jen Arnold reveals if she and husband Bill Klein are open to adopting another child during an exclusive video interview with In Touch.

“We have talked about it. We continue to occasionally talk about it. But I think given everything that’s going on for us right now, it’s definitely not been on the forefront of conversation,” Jen, 48, exclusively tells In Touch. “In fact, it hasn’t even come up ’cause I think we’re both just trying to hold on right now for dear life, given between the pandemic and trying to focus on Will and Zoey and moving and new jobs.”

The TV personality adds, “And right now I think we’re good.”

The couple are already the parents to kids Will, 12, and Zoey, 10, whom they both adopted. Will was adopted from China when he was 3, while Zoey was adopted from India when she was 2. They chose to adopt after doctors said a pregnancy could be lethal to Jen and a baby due to her form of dwarfism. The pair worked with a surrogate to have a biological child, though sadly suffered two miscarriages.

Jen and Bill, 47, ultimately decided to pursue adoption and were able to create their family when they matched with Will in 2013, who was in a foster home in the Hohhot province of China after he was abandoned at a hospital at birth.

Little Couple's Jen Arnold Reveals If She and Husband Bill Klein Are Open to Adopting Again
Courtesy of Jen Arnold/Instagram

They continued to grow their family when they adopted Zoey the following year. Her adoption wasn’t planned, though they took in their youngest child after receiving a call that she was looking for a home.

The Little Couple star also spoke to In Touch about her new rewarding career at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard University. The accomplished neonatologist serves as the program director for the facility’s simulation program after she accepted the position in February 2022.

“The program is just so big and so impactful that he needed help leading it,” she said. “It’s a different challenge, but I get to help lead a very, very busy program, which is exciting.”

Jen received support from her family when they all moved from Florida to New England for her new job earlier this year. She admitted that living in Boston is “a little bit different” than Florida, especially since they relocated during the winter. “We feel like it went as smoothly as you could imagine,” she says of the move. “We had, obviously, a lot going on with the transition, but I think the move was for all the right reasons. So, so far so good.”

However, Jen admits she does miss her hometown in Florida and calls the move “bittersweet.”

“But the opportunity to come and have hopefully some impact here in Boston is just really tremendous. And our kids are just really embracing it all,” she adds. “It’s just a great experience for them to be in a different place.”

Jen and Bill met when they were children during a brief interaction at a hospital and later reconnected when they matched on an online dating website for little people as adults. They married in 2008 and later made their reality TV debut in 2009. The couple starred on their TLC show for 14 seasons until the final episodes aired in 2019.

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