The Duggars’ Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Range From Fun to Straight-Up Freaky

Considering the Duggars don’t drink or dance or listen to music or do anything generally considered fun at functions, it might be a little hard to imagine what they do for their ~last fling before the ring.~ But when it comes to their bachelor and bachelorette parties, they can still get more than a little creative (and, occasionally, more than a little creepy) with their plans. Before they get to sneak away to their honeymoons and finally have a time alone together, they’re forced to spend it with their family — or worse, their in-laws family — for one big adventure. But what does that mean exactly? Well, it’s been pretty different for each member of the Counting On crew. Check out the gallery to see the fun, funny, and freaking ways they celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette parties. 

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