Confronting her cousin! Mackenzie McKee revealed she had a tense conversation with one of her family members after she caught her having secret conversations with Josh McKee. After publicly accusing her estranged husband and relative of having an affair, the Teen Mom OG star got the truth.

“When I saw [his phone records], and I typed [the number] in my phone and saw the name, my heart dropped. She is a lot older than us and obviously my cousin. … It just didn’t make sense to me,” Mackenzie, 25, said on The Domenick Nati Show on Thursday, July 23. “So instantly, I’m like, ‘This is an affair. I’m writing a status, I’m destroying his name, I’m gonna destroy her name. You know, obviously this is an affair.’ So I called her, and she showed up that night and was like, ‘It’s not what it looks like. … I would never do that to you.’”

Her cousin denied having any kind of romantic or sexual involvement with Josh, 27. But that didn’t mean nothing inappropriate was going on. Though Mackenzie’s cousin claimed she was primarily reaching out to Josh in order to get in touch with his brother, the two in-laws were keeping their correspondence secret from the MTV mama. They also had conversations that crossed the line when they discussed how Mackenzie was coping after the death of her mother.

“That was a secret Josh knew about, and his phone was being used to go back and forth. I was furious. And she did show me the text messages, so I was reading the text messages … and that’s a secret they had behind my back, and, to me, that’s not OK,” Mackenzie said. “Don’t have a secret behind my back. You know what I’m saying? Also, she did know about our problems, so she would ask about us, and he would tell her that we’re not doing good. And, to me, that’s not OK. Do I think they touched? No. … But it was wrong. It was wrong, and it was not OK, and it hurt me a lot.”

Both the cheerleading coach and her estranged husband have a history of cheating in their relationship, something they’ve been open about in the past. Most recently, Josh’s “inappropriate” interaction with another woman while on a work trip led to their August 2019 split. The rodeo star managed to win his wife back after he proposed for a second time in October, but it seems their relationship never fully recovered — especially after Mackenzie’s mom Angie Douthit passed away in December. While the parents may be “best friends” now, they were in a bad place at the time.

“Anytime we were together, I was screaming at him, I was bringing up the past. … I was not being a good wife,” the Teen Mom star said in the interview. “It was kind of like we were under the same roof but not together. At this point, it wasn’t healthy. We were fighting.”

The phone calls and secrets may have been the final straw, but their breakup was a long time coming.

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