Side-by-Side Photos of Kailyn Lowry Carrying Son Lux and Chris Lopez
MEGA; Courtesy Chris Lopez/Instagram

Is she calling out Chris Lopez? Kailyn Lowry shared a cryptic quote about “betrayal” amid her recent drama with her ex. On Monday, July 6, she shared an Instagram Story reflecting on past relationships — and her post seemed to take aim squarely at the father of two of her sons.

“When someone wrongs you multiple times, their betrayal is no longer an exception but expected,” read the quote Kail, 28, shared on her page.

Teen Mom 2 Star Kailyn Lowry Seemingly Calls Out Chris Lopez with Cryptic Quote About Betrayal
Courtesy Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

The MTV mama didn’t directly mention Chris, 26, but the statement sounds similar to others she’s made about him during the course of her pregnancy with baby No. 4. After allegations surfaced that Lux’s father was seeing another one of his exes at the same time he was involved with Kail, she called him out for cheating. Though she had reservations about becoming involved with him again, she decided to go for it — and ended up regretting it.

“It’s hurtful. … When I loved someone so hard, it was devastating to know he was capable of hurting me to the extent that he has,” she told Us Weekly in March. “When someone can lie through their teeth so well … I fell for it, only to find out later my gut was right all along.”

When Teen Mom fans called her out for giving Chris so many chances, she told them she “accepts her stupidity” and the role it played in their messy relationship. “As we all know, someone who doesn’t want to commit doesn’t commit, LOL. I had to separate the words with the actions. It took me a while,” she said in an Instagram comment. “Can y’all let it go now?”

It seems like Kail is now taking that lesson to heart — and reminding herself of it when she needs to hear it. But things are only going to get more complicated between the parents when baby No. 4 actually arrives. On June 5, the soon-to-be mom of four revealed she’s 37 weeks and one day along, meaning her little one should arrive in the next three weeks. She’s “ready” to meet her son, but whether or not Chris is ready to become a father of two remains to be seen.

In the past, Chris seemingly denied cheating on Kail. “Idea,” he wrote in an Instagram comment in response to claims he was dating another woman. “Stop talking ‘bout some BS that ain’t true for ratings and drama … She [got a] new man. Let’s move on.” However, he also admitted he made mistakes when it came to respecting Kail and being there for their son Lux. “I wish I was there more for his mother while she was pregnant with him,” he said during an Instagram Q&A in October 2019. “She really carried my son for nine months, and I was f—kin’ up.”

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