Former Teen Mom 2 star David Eason had reportedly had a warrant issued for his arrest after child abuse misdemeanor charges were filed against him involving wife Jenelle Evans‘ son Jace Evans, according to The U.S. Sun.

David, 35, was under investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) and North Carolina’s Columbus County Police for a September 28 incident where Jace, 14, ran away from home for the third time, after which he was later hospitalized.

Columbus County Clerk of Court could not confirm or deny the active warrant when contacted by In Touch. Jenelle’s rep denied the warrant to In Touch. However, In Touch later confirmed that David is due in court in Columbus County on November 29.

Shortly after the reports broke about the warrant, Jenelle took to social media with a statement. “There isn’t any warrant issued… once again media lying again,” she wrote. “It’s getting insane at this point. Don’t believe The Sun or The Ashley or these stupid Teen Mom fanpages because like I said they get stupid sources and don’t fact check before hand.”

“CPS got involved when Jace was checked into [the] hospital,” Jenelle’s manager exclusively confirmed to In Touch at the time of Jace’s third runaway attempt, adding, “Jace is still in the hospital yes, they are doing a mental health evaluation.”

Jenelle, 31, told authorities that her teenage son snuck out of a window in their home and noted he didn’t have his cell phone with him. Police were later dispatched to mother Barbara Evans‘ home, but he was not there. However, Jace allegedly told his grandmother that David had assaulted him.

“Made contact with Barbara who advised [Jace] was not at the residence…” the police report stated, according to The Ashley. “She advised that she had spoken to [Jace] earlier in the evening when he called from an unknown number and told her about being assaulted by David Eason and that he ran away and was hiding.” It was the third time Jace had gone missing since August.

Jenelle fired back at the charges against her husband on Tuesday, October 24, writing in an Instagram Story, “You would think police wouldn’t make a one sided police investigation. They didn’t conduct interviews. Didn’t ask any information from the parents.” She continued, “This seems like a very bias situation like every time before. I trusted the detective with all my heart. Forgot you can’t trust cops. Silly me. I do not trust anyone around me. Going MIA for a while.”

“Let’s go to court. I’ve been waiting on our day. I feel so violated by the system. Wait until the day you hear the truth. You will be begging me not to sue you,” Jenelle added about the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department, accusing them of “doing the smear campaign against my husband and needs to be held responsible.”

Jace – whom Jenelle shares with Andrew Lewis – went missing for the first time on August 15 after he left school and didn’t return home. He was later located “in the trees behind the school building,” according to his location on Snapchat.

The teen vanished again on August 28 for several hours. Jenelle reported him missing and contacted the police after she hadn’t heard from her son. Jace was later found at a gas station about 10 minutes away from the family’s home.

In an October 3 Instagram post in response to the reported allegations made against him by his stepson, David wrote, “It takes a sick person to spread lies on the internet about a child! Then the rest of you are sick for chiming in like you know something because you read their lies. You people really need help! Our kids are in our custody and anything you read is not true! Police reports have been falsified and the truth is already apparent to everyone involved.” He added, “The best thing any of you can do for Jace is to stop talking about him all together please! Thanks.”

Following the three runaway attempts and the CPS investigation that was launched against David, Jenelle staunchly defended her husband in an October 15 TikTok video, saying he has “the most patience I’ve ever seen,” and that he is well-loved by her children.

“He is being accused of some horrible, horrible s–t that is not true. I was there, my kids were there, everyone was there. You guys have no idea about the details,” Jenelle explained. “It just makes me really sad for David. Because David is like, he’s just taking all of these punches, rolling with it, not saying s–t. I don’t blame him, and I feel really bad for him because my kids adore that man. My kids love that man so much.”

Jace has been living with Jenelle and David since March, when the former reality star gained custody from Barbara, who had raised the boy for most of his life. The household also includes Jenelle and David’s daughter Ensley, 7, and her son Kaiser, 9, whom the Read Between the Lines author shares with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

The couple have posted numerous Instagram photos of their family unit looking happy and bonding since Jace returned to the fold. David shared a photo on July 9 of a fishing trip with the teen as they both held up impressive catches. “Me and Jace just out here anglin!” he wrote next to the snapshot.

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