After Jenelle Evans accused him of stealing money from her and harassing her mom, Johnny Donovan, the Teen Mom 2 star’s former manager, is speaking out. While talking exclusively with In Touch, the PR professional denies all of Jenelle’s claims — and insists both her public tweets and private statements are “defamation” of his character.

“Jenelle is delusional and a delinquent. [She] is very immature and doesn’t know how to handle business,” Johnny tells In Touch. Though he clarifies he has “nothing against Jenelle” and “wishes her the best,” he couldn’t let her statements go unchecked.

The drama started on Monday, June 15, when Johnny shared a screenshot of his call log with Jenelle on Twitter. “Should’ve recorded Jenelle cursing me out this weekend on the phone for you guys to hear it,” he wrote on the social media site. “[I was] minding my business, and she calls me and curses me out. LMAO.”

In additional tweets, he continued, “I was also told I sell stories to the media. You dumb bitch, who has time to sell anything during a pandemic. [You’re] a TV personality. Your life’s public, dummy.” Sharing a GIF of a TV character rolling their eyes, he wrote that was what he looked like “the whole time.”

Johnny wrote that he was inundated with calls asking for clarity about what happened with Jenelle after her estranged husband, David Eason, was arrested over the weekend. “If you knew me, you’d know I’m so to myself and bust my ass for the wrong human beings,” he wrote.

On Wednesday, June 17, Jenelle, 28, finally responded despite her social media hiatus. “And tell the world WTF I said. … ‘Stop calling my mom about my life. Stay the f–k out of my business.’ You’re clearly obsessed with me,” she shot back. “You couldn’t even answer the phone, bro. You had your friend answer.” She also accused him of “stealing thousands” of dollars, selling her personal information and calling mom Barbara Evans “every” day while she was living in Tennessee.

Inset Photo of Johnny Donovan Over Photo of Jenelle Evans
Gregory Pace/Shutterstock; Courtesy Johnny Donovan/Instagram

“I recommend no one work with this guy … EVER,” she wrote. “I’m warning all the girls from #TeenMom and #TeenMomOG to watch who you’re working with because it was the same people that were doing wrong to me. #BeCareful.”

But Johnny flat out denies those accusations, clarifying to In Touch that he only called Barb because outlets were reaching out to him. He also insisted he’s made “numerous attempts” to clarify for her how much money was spent or made and the percentage he took from projects they worked on together, claiming she didn’t respond when he offered to go over the receipts. Additionally, he said she reached out to other reality TV stars like Love & Hip Hop: New York‘s Mariahlynn and Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice in order to continue bad-mouthing him.

It looks like this is one feud that won’t be put to rest anytime soon.

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