Brutally honest. Sister Wives Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn Brown slammed Robyn Brown as she rewatched episodes of season 17.

“I do feel less about Robyn from watching this,” Gwendlyn, 21, explained on her self-titled YouTube channel on Wednesday, December 21. “But I feel like that’s not very fair from me, ‘cause I really don’t like her as a person.” 

Christine’s daughter reiterated that “virtually none” of the Brown children watch the long-running series due to the realness of the family drama but added, “Watching [Robyn] makes me like her less for sure.” 

During the dramatic September 2022 premiere of season 17, Christine opened up about her November 2021 split from the polygamous patriarch and hinted that favoritism toward Robyn played a demise to their marriage. 

“I think he has a favorite wife and that’s why all of this is like it is,” the mom of six said during the September 2022 episode. “And apparently, I’m not treating her well enough.”

For her part, Kody’s fourth wife slammed Christine’s claims in the same episode, noting, “This isn’t a new complaint that Kody favors me.” 

The following episodes captured the changing family dynamic as Christine not only wanted space from Kody but also from Robyn and Kody’s first wife, Meri Brown

“Are ​​you in a place where you just want to go do your thing, and those of the kids that [you] have a relationship with, you’ll spend time with them?” Robyn asked Christine in a heated discussion during a November 2022 episode. “And the rest of us, that maybe you don’t have a great relationship with, do we just need to, like, give you your space? Are you interested in some sort of a, like, trying to work stuff out maybe from the past how many years?”

While Christine considered herself “super close” to Janelle Brown, she wasn’t “close” with the other adults. 

Sister Wives Kodys Daughter Gwendlyn Slams Robyn 1

“And for right now, I need it that way,” she continued.  

Though the Utah native was the first to leave to the businessman, Kody’s second wife, Janelle, followed suit. In Touch exclusively broke the news on December 9, 2022, that the two split after she had “outgrown” her marriage. 

That same month, Meri confirmed her split during the Sister Wives: One on One tell-all, which premiered on December 18.

During part one of the special, Christine gave host Sukanya Krishnan an update on her relationship with Robyn, reporting she thought she and her former sister wife were “OK” now.

“Robyn and I aren’t bad. I don’t think so,” the TLC alum continued. “Not that we were like bosom sisters, or we were super-close or anything like that.” 

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