Moving on. Sister Wives star Janelle Brown left husband Kody Brown after nearly 30 years of marriage, In Touch exclusively confirmed. But what led to their breakup? Keep scrolling for details behind her split from the polygamous patriarch

Why Did Janelle Brown Leave Kody Brown?

“Janelle is a strong independent woman and realized she can do it on her own,” a source exclusively told In Touch in December 2022, adding that the reality TV star “outgrew him.”

The pair’s relationship hit some major road bumps in the last couple years, beginning with the feud between the Kody and their adult sons.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Kody imposed a set of strict guidelines for the family of 23 in order for them to safely visit each other, but Janelle, along with former sister wife Christine Brown, refused to follow his rules, claiming they were too restrictive.

During a January 2022 episode of the family’s TLC series, Janelle revealed that Kody implied that she wasn’t “being careful” regarding sons Gabe and Garrison’s social lives.

“I think you understand the big picture that I have, and I want you to just respect that, OK?” Kody said at the time.

You know, f–k off,” Janelle fired back, before revealing she would be spending Thanksgiving 2020 with their kids instead of Kody.

The former couple’s marriage took another hit in November 2021 when Christine announced she was leaving the businessman after more than 25 years of marriage.

Following his split from his third wife, Kody felt that Janelle was choosing Christine over him despite explaining that he always wanted his four wives to “have close relationships.”

“I’m begging Janelle for a closer relationship,” Kody said in a November 2022 episode, adding that he “feels like [Janelle’s] rejecting that and just choosing to have one with Christine.” 

Janelle later opened up about feeling like she was stuck in the middle of their breakup because of her close relationship with the Cooking With Just Christine star. 

“Now the relationships [have] changed. We’ve said some very harsh things to Kody. Now it’s different,” Janelle said, adding, “I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.”

Does Janelle Brown Still Love Kody Brown?

Janelle revealed she was no longer in love with Kody during part 3 of the Sister Wives: One on One special. 

“It’s duty, it’s commitment. It’s a faith that tells you, ‘You work it out and stick it out,’” the mom of six told host Sukanya Krishnan in January 2023. “I think if we both really sat down, we’d look at each other and say, ‘Really?’”

Sister Wives Why Did Janelle Brown Leave Kody Split Details

After revealing she was much “happier” since leaving Kody, she added that she was losing respect for her former husband. 

“I think if he had truly been watching out for me and my children, he would have figured out a way to make it work for the whole family,” Janelle continued. “Instead of having his rules and hanging out with the wife, [he stayed] where he was respected and obeyed.”

Does Janelle Brown Still Want a Plural Marriage?

Janelle previously revealed that she was rethinking her life as a polygamist. “I’ve caught myself in the last few weeks really reflecting and being like, ‘OK, look: do I still choose plural marriage?’” Janelle said during a January 2022 episode. “Yeah, I still choose it, but I’ve had to [make] that conscious decision with myself.”

“I’ve had to really think. My children are almost grown and there’s not a huge necessity anymore to stay. It was a wonderful way to raise children,” she added in her confessional. “With Kody and I right now, our relationship is pretty strained. And you know, it’s easy to walk away.”

How Many Children Do Janelle and Kody Brown Have?

Janelle became Kody’s second wife in January 1993. At the time of their spiritual ceremony, he has been legally married to Meri Brown for nearly three years, as they wed in April 1990.

In their nearly 30 years of marriage, the former couple welcomed six children together: son Logan Brown in May 1994, daughter Madison Brown in November 1995, son Hunter Brown in 1997, son Garrison Brown in October 1998, son Gabriel Brown in 2001 and daughter Savanah Brown in December 2004.

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