Christine Brown and Janelle Brown revealed the status of their relationships with their Sister Wives costars in a new interview. The ladies, who stayed friends after splitting from Kody Brown, admitted that they don’t seek out relationships with Meri Brown or Robyn Brown.

“I’ll continue to be amiable when we’re together,” Christine, 51, confirmed to Us Weekly on Monday, November 20. “I have kids that have a good relationship with Robyn, and that’s great. But no, [I do] not personally [talk to her],”

Janelle, 54, had a similar sentiment, adding, “I adore [Robyn’s] children. I do hope that at some point in the future, the children can be more reconciled with all of their parents. That’s what I hope for. But time will tell, and time is a healer, so we’ll see.”

Sister Wives Christine and Janelle Brown Reveal They Dont Talk to Meri or Robyn After Leaving Kody
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Like Janelle and Christine, Meri, 52, also ended her relationship with Kody, 54. However, she did not maintain a close bond with the Wyoming native’s other exes.

“I don’t know what [Meri’s] doing personally,” Christine admitted. “I don’t talk with Meri either. I don’t have a relationship with Meri. I just really know what probably [fans] know.”

Janelle added, “When we see each other, we’re cordial, but we don’t really seek each other out. She doesn’t seek me out, I don’t seek her out. But when we run into each other, it’s friendly.” However, she noted that she and Christine have remained connected to Meri’s child, Leon.

Christine was the first to end her relationship with Kody. The two announced their split in November 2021 and Christine relocated from Arizona to Utah to be closer to her kids who live there. Janelle and Kody broke up at the end of 2022, followed by Kody and Meri in January. Robyn, 45, is the only woman still with Kody. They are legally married.

As the breakups played out on Sister Wives, Christine and Janelle were open about their frustrations with Kody for “favoring” Robyn over his other wives. This is ultimately what led to their divide with Robyn.

“I’m not going to trust someone who says they want family, yet they are fine with Kody only being at their house,” Christine insisted. “That’s not a family. That’s monogamy.”

Robyn has gotten emotional about the situation on a number of occasions. “I feel like we really did have the potential of just having a great relationship,” she admitted. “And I just never understood why we couldn’t. I just don’t know how to come to terms with the heartbreak of it.”

With Meri, the trust was seemingly broken after her 2015 catfishing scandal. Christine also accused Meri of “putting [her] down a lot in public situations.”

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