Janelle Brown isn’t following in Christine Brown’s footsteps and rushing to the altar after ending things with Kody Brown. The Sister Wives star is not focused on dating right now, but appears to be optimistic about her future now that she’s a single woman.

“I’m not interested in dating,” she said during an October 2023 episode of Sister Wives. “I mean, unless God somehow throws this guy right in my path and points with big arrows, ‘This is it. This is it.’ I’m just not. I’m just not interested.”

Is Janelle Brown Still Married To Kody?

Janelle and Kody were actually never legally married. The polygamist was married to his first wife, Meri Brown, when he began a romantic relationship with Janelle in the early 1990s. Because he was legally married to Meri at the time, he only spiritually married Janelle when they tied the knot in 1993. Kody and Meri ended their legal marriage in 2014 when he married Robyn Brown in order to adopt her children, but he and Janelle remained spiritually married, as did he and Meri.

Despite not having a legal marriage, Kody and Janelle built a family together and share six kids total. However, they started having issues in their relationship amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Janelle and her children did not want to follow the strict rules that Kody had put in place. It led to quite a rift when Janelle opted to spend time with her kids instead of choosing to adhere to Kody’s rules. Tensions also rose between Kody and two of the sons who he shares with Janelle, Gabriel and Garrison.

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In 2022, Janelle admitted that her relationship with Kody was “strained,” and she began contemplating following in Christine’s footsteps and leaving him. She confirmed their split during an episode of Sister Wives at the end of 2022, which was actually filmed months earlier.

Will Janelle and Kody Brown Get Back Together?

Although Janelle said she would get back together with Kody if he changed, she also admitted that she thinks it’s “unrealistic” to hope for that. “I can’t think of any reason I would want him to come back at this point,” she said during a 2023 episode of Sister Wives. “He wants a wife that’s all partnering with him and not independent and I’m like…that will never be me.”

Still, Janelle confirmed that she was “struggling” with her decision to leave Kody because she still has “affection” for him. “I need something different as far as marriage goes,” she concluded.

Is Janelle Brown Dating Anyone After Her Divorce?

Janelle doubled down on not wanting to date someone new in an August 2023 interview with People. “Maybe in 10 years,” she said.

If she does decide to meet someone new, though, she’s not ruling out polygamy. “I would actually consider plural marriage because I do love the freedom and independence that it gave me,” she explained. “I think it was a good fit for me. I don’t even know what a monogamous relationship would be like. If that works out, great. I’m open to plural marriage, but I don’t know if there’s a lot of men who can pull it off.

She continued to discuss her lack of interest in dating during a November 2023 episode of Sister Wives.

“First of all, I’m not interested in dating at all. I’m not even interested. I’m not looking,” the reality star said. “I don’t even look at guys or men. It’s just blah. It’s too much work. I don’t want to do that.”

Janelle continued to explain her thought process by stating, “I’m not going to be hanging out where lots of single men are or whatever. Definitely, [I’m] sure as hell not doing that online dating thing. I don’t get the whole swiping thing. I don’t get that.”

Meanwhile, Christine has gone on to marry again, tying the knot with David Woolley on October 7. Meri also confirmed her romance with boyfriend Amos Andrews in January 2024, while Robyn is Kody’s only current wife.

In February 2024, Janelle admitted that watching Christine’s relationship with David influenced her to stay single. While recalling a camping trip she went on with the couple, she said she realized that Christine and David are a “real team.”

However, Janelle said that she doesn’t feel the urge to have the same type of partnership. “I don’t need this. I don’t want this, actually,” she recalled telling Christine during the trip. “I don’t need another person. You do, this is for you, but this is not for me. It’s not what I want.”

Janelle then said she could change her mind about having a partner, though insisted she is not looking for someone “at this stage” in her life.

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