Sister Wives stars Christine Brown and Janelle Brown shared their thoughts about Kody Brown’s relationship with his last remaining wife, Robyn Brown.

“They’re equally matched and equally yolked. They deserve each other. Did that sound bad? Did that sound snarky?” Christine, 51, told Entertainment Tonight about Kody, 54, and Robyn, 45, in an interview published on Monday, November 20. “They completely deserve each other, and I want them to have the best life possible. They found each other and I know what it feels like to find your person. I know what I have with David and now I can understand what they have with each other. And I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah, please have a good life.'”

Meanwhile, both Christine and Janelle, 54, admitted they were skeptical that Kody and Robyn would add more wives to their family.

“No, because then he’d have to tell the other woman, ‘You know, you’re probably great but I really love Robyn, so I don’t know what you’re gonna do with your life,'” Christine said about the possible scenario. “I think she’s gonna be it. Why would they look for something else if they’ve found each other?”

Janelle added that she doesn’t know if Kody is “really interested” in having more wives. “It’s a lot of work for a guy, it’s a lot of work for a husband,” she said. “And I just don’t know if he really wants to do that. He really does love Robyn, and it’s great to watch them. It’s great.”

After both Christine and Janelle acknowledged that they no longer have relationships with Robyn, the TLC reality stars said that Kody’s favoritism of his fourth wife led to their end of their spiritual marriages.

“I’m not gonna have a relationship with Robyn. I’m just going to have people in my life that I trust,” Christine insisted. “She says one thing, but I don’t see proof that she really wants it.”

Janelle added that she and Robyn “never gelled” and simply “worked together as teammates for the sake of the family.” However, she said there’s no bad blood between her and Robyn. “If paths cross, we’re going to be friendly and cordial,” the mother of six stated.

The women then teased that fans can expect to see them in the same room as Kody and Robyn when season 19 of the show premieres.

Sister Wives' Christine and Janelle Brown Discuss Kody, Robyn's Marriage: ‘They Deserve Each Other’

“There’s going to be times where we’re in the same room together, and you’ll see in the next season, there’s a few times where we’re in the same room together for the sake of the kids,” Christine explained. “We’re gonna be cordial because it’s about our kids. We’re going to be adults. We’re going to be mature. And we’re gonna be apprehensive and nervous and not quite sure it’s a good idea, but then you get into it and it’s fine.”

Christine was the first of Kody’s wives to announce their split in November 2021. Just more than one year later, In Touch exclusively revealed in December 2022 that Janelle and the father of 18 called it quits. One week later, Meri Brown hinted that her and Kody’s romantic relationship was over during the Sister Wives: One on One special. However, the pair didn’t confirm their split until they issued a joint statement in January.

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