Sister Wives stars Christine Brown and Janelle Brown shared their candid thoughts on how their family’s traditions changed when Robyn Brown joined the family.

“We used to have this magical four days of feasting for Thanksgiving,” Christine, 51, said while driving in the car with Janelle, 54, in a teaser clip for the Sunday, November 19 episode, which was shared by TLC’s Instagram. Janelle added “a lot of those traditions” changed when Robyn, 45, married Kody Brown.

Christine agreed, noting that they stopped doing their Friday night dinners. She added, “Every single Saturday we were doing things. And Robyn came in the family and it stopped. It all stopped.”

“She was a separate entity from us and Kody ended up being over there quite a bit,” Janelle said about the divide Robyn seemingly created in their family.

However, Kody, 54, claimed that Robyn “supported” their family’s traditions “because that was part of the negotiation that we made when we got married.” The Brown patriarch went on to claim that Robyn “enhanced” their traditions.

Back in the car, Christine said that Kody likely tolerated Robyn’s changes because they’re “soulmates.” She continued, “It doesn’t work with plural marriage at all, but it just seemed to me that that’s what it felt like was that he found his soulmate and that’s who he wanted to be with and she didn’t really want to do stuff together.”

Robyn joined the Brown family in 2010 when she spiritually married Kody, while the businessman legally divorced Meri Brown in 2014 so that he could marry Robyn and adopt her kids from her previous relationship.

Despite Christine’s speculation that Robyn had no interest in spending time with Kody’s other wives, the mother of five insisted she wants to be part of a plural family while talking to People on Tuesday, November 14.

“What I liked a lot about living plural marriage was the team effort, where I had sister wives,” Robyn told the outlet, adding that she “really wanted that camaraderie” and sense of “sisterhood” with her sister wives.

The reality star continued, “I wanted that experience of my sister wives loving my children and being able to love their children and feeling like this kind of big, happy family, big group of people that really cared about each other. So that’s what I liked about it.”

Sister Wives’ Christine and Janelle Brown Discuss How Robyn Changed Family Dinners and Traditions
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After Robyn acknowledged that the Brown family dynamic is tense, she said she hopes it’s “possible” for them to remain a “family.”

“It looks a little different,” Robyn noted about her current relationships with Christine, Janelle, and Meri, 52. “I sure hope it’s possible, but I can’t have expectations. I can’t put expectations on people, I’m realizing more and more, as far as family and that connection and spending time together and stuff and operating kind of a family. So I hope and I pray that it’s possible, but that will be that a situation where everybody has to choose that. So I don’t know.”

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