No regrets. Seeking Sister Wife ​alum Tayler Middleton opened up about her split from Dimitri Snowden in a candid Instagram post. Keep reading to hear her side of the split, learn about their relationship and more.

Why Did ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Stars Tayler Middleton and Dimitri Snowden Split?

Tayler took to Instagram on Sunday, March 19, to reveal how the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine led to her split from Dimitri in 2020.

“Imagine being quarantined in a house with your ‘soon-to-be husband,’ his two other wives and their 5 children,” she wrote, referencing Dimitri, Ashley Snowden and Christeline “Chrissy” Petersen. “That’s 9 dysfunctional humans stuck together in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in the middle of a world crisis.”

Tayler said it was “very clear that my presence really permeated the space and made it quite uncomfortable for the other family members to be in peace.”

The TLC star recalled being “mortified” to learn that her life with the Snowdens wasn’t what she expected.

“When COVID came and business stopped, we had no money coming in. We ate all of my savings in a matter of weeks. Because remind you, the other two were both stay at home moms,” Tayler continued. “I was actually expected to do the same but I couldn’t rest knowing we were running out of money so started to work instacart to help bring in some money for the family.”

She explained that working as a grocery delivery person became her “escape from the house,” where her “spirit could never be at peace.”

“We were all in a relationship with a narcissist that would do his best to break us down emotional and mentally and would also create drama amongst the women causing us to each be very uncomfortable in our own home,” Tayler wrote about Dimitri. “I had reached the lowest part of my life.”

After reaching her breaking point, Tayler “was able to escape the relationship and never look back.” Once she left the Snowdens, she was able to look at their relationship with a clear mind.

“I would never be able to receive the love I was looking for in others until I began to give that love to myself. And so that’s what I focused on,” she concluded. “Learning to truly get to know myself so that I could heal the parts that were still hurting and begin to truly love myself for who I really am!”

When Did ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Tayler Middleton Break Up With Dimitri Snowden?

Just weeks into the lockdown, Tayler left the home she shared with Dimitri, Ashley and Chrissy in California to visit her family in Dallas, Texas. While she was expected to return to the Snowdens, Tayler cut off communication with the Snowdens and never returned.

Six weeks later, she broke up with Dimitri during a video call. The tense conversation was featured on ​a season 3 episode of the reality show.

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Alum Tayler Middleton Reflects on Dimitri Snowden Split: ‘Lowest Part of My Life’
Courtesy of Tayler Middleton/Instagram

Who Is ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Dimitri Snowden With Today?

Following his split from Tayler, Dimitri legally married Chrissy. While they appeared to be in a good spot, their relationship wasn’t meant to be.

In Touch confirmed that the Cuba native filed for divorce from Chrissy in May 2021 and they were declared legally single in March 2022.

Dimitri also split from Ashley, who confirmed their separation in July 2021. However, she revealed they reconciled in October 2022 and are still together today.

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