Tayler Middleton joined Dimitri and Ashley Snowden’s family as a new sister wife while making her reality TV debut in season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife, but that came with some unexpected hardships along the way. After all of their ups and downs, fans are wondering if Tayler still with the Snowdens. Keep scrolling below to find out!

Dimitri and Ashley were courting two women when they returned to the TLC series — Tayler and Christeline “Chrissy” Petersen. Chrissy had previously visited the Snowdens at their home in Los Angeles to see if she was a good fit as a second sister wife. After she returned to her native South Africa, Tayler joined the couple for her own visit and trial period as a third potential sister wife.

The day Tayler was supposed to leave, she realized she had enjoyed spending time with them so much that she did not want to leave. Dimitri and Ashley were surprised that Tayler wanted to “stay.” After consulting with Chrissy, who gave her seal of approval, the Snowdens agreed to allow Tayler to permanently move in with them and their three children.

Shortly after Tayler joined the Snowdens officially, the coronavirus pandemic had reached the United States. Dimitri and Ashley thought it would be best for Chrissy to join their family as well before travel bans were imposed, so she quickly relocated to Los Angeles with her two children before the borders were closed.

Cameras briefly stopped rolling after California imposed a lockdown. Once it was lifted, the Snowdens shared an update about how they were adjusting to being a family of nine while self-quarantining together amid the pandemic.


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Ashley and Dimitri said they all enjoyed spending time together under one roof at first. Each wife had their own bedroom and after several weeks, Chrissy and Tayler began the 21-day alkaline detox diet — which is a prerequisite for a new sister wife before she becomes intimate with Dimitri.

After several weeks, the reality of the pandemic hit. Dimitri’s work was affected by business closures. Since his clients went out of business, he had to pick up “odds and ends” jobs in order to provide financially. He and Tayler would go to work delivering groceries every day while Ashley and Chrissy stayed home to tend to the children.

“Communication started to break down and stress was at an all-time high for all of us,” Dimitri admitted.

Tayler Still With the Snowdens? Update
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In a self-shot scene, Tayler and Chrissy opened up about how they were adjusting as new sister wives amid the pandemic. Chrissy admitted joining the Snowden family was “so much harder” than she expected and Tayler agreed.

In a separate self-shot scene, Ashley opened up to Dimitri about her struggles, which mostly stemmed from not getting along with Tayler. “Probably one of the hardest things for me is understanding Tayler when she is behind her closed door. It feels very separate. It feels like she’s in her own world. There are times when we just won’t see her,” Ashley said.

Ashley explained in her confessional that Tayler was a single woman without any children when she joined their family as a sister wife, so she knew Tayler would need some adjusting to life as a wife, a sister wife and a mother figure to five children. But Ashley was not pleased with the way Tayler adapting to her new roles. “Sometimes it’s feeling like it’s pulling teeth,” she told the camera.

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For her part, Tayler vented about her clash with Ashley to Chrissy during a one-on-one chat. “Ashley and I are so much alike, right? But we’re like, looking in the mirror at each other,” Tayler said. “But like, your back is to the mirror. So you don’t see that’s your ass in the mirror. That is still you, you’re just not facing the mirror. Turn around.”

In her confessional, Chrissy weighed in on the dynamic between Ashley and Tayler. “There’s been a lot of tension in the house, specifically with Ashley and Tayler. They clash almost every single day,” she revealed.

During her one-on-one chat with Chrissy, Tayler admitted that her biggest challenge in the house, besides Ashley, was adjusting to being a mother of five kids. “Here, it’s just like, all kids, all the time. You know, and that’s very different. I mean, I’ve lived alone for so long,” Tayler said.

In a following scene, a note from the producers popped up on the screen. “A few weeks later, Tayler left to visit family in Texas. She has yet to return,” the message read.

Later in the episode, Dimitri documented a video chat with Tayler — which was the first time she had spoken to him or anyone in the Snowden household in six weeks. When Dimitri asked when Tayler was planning to return, she seemed unsure. While in Texas, she resumed work as a henna artist and seemed hesitant to go back to L.A. at all.

“Being frank, I have found peace in putting time and energy in my business and not worrying about the friction and being quarantined with everyone being so stressed out,” she said.

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Tayler insisted she was “happy” with where she was at, and they started to break up. “It sounds like it’s just better if we keep doing what we do here, you do what you do,” Dimitri said. “This is weird. I don’t know what to say, honestly,” Tayler responded.

“I know this sucks and I’m really sorry that things didn’t work out,” Dimitri said as they both came to an agreement to end their relationship.

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