They’ve got time! Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath did an Instagram Q&A with fans on January 8 and revealed that she and her husband, Ethan Plath, definitely want kids — just not right now.

“Do you and Ethan want kids?” a fan asked Olivia, 21. “Sorry if that’s intrusive, but they will be SO cute.” Olivia replied, “Answering this one first because we get asked this A LOT. We would love a couple of kids someday, but we are babies ourselves and in no rush whatsoever. There’s lots we want to experience and learn first.”

Olivia and Ethan want kids
Courtesy of Olivia Plath/Instagram

The photographer continued, “I’m also a big advocate of not having more kids than you can properly raise and manage, which includes not only financial needs, but emotional and psychological as well.” Is that some subtle shade against her in-laws, who had 10 children in all? (Only nine are on the hit TLC series because unfortunately, a 10th sibling named Joshua died in a tragic accident in 2008 at just 15 months old.)

“We are both doing so much processing and growing as human beings and it would be so unfair to put a child in the midst of that,” Olivia added. “Someday, when we know we are ready, we will make a couple of cute kids and complete our family. For now, I just snuggle all of my friend’s babies and it’s the best birth control because I can hand them back at the end of the day.” LOL!

For now, Olivia seems to be building her career and focusing on building a life with her husband. She also supports Ethan’s sister, Moriah Plath, in discovering who she is away from her strict, conservative family’s belief system. In other words, they’ve got a lot going on and it may just not be the time to start a family right now.

Olivia also admitted on Instagram that she’s struggled with her mental health in the past, and she likely wants to be in the best headspace possible before deciding on a huge life change like having kids. “I’ve been on the other side of the lens, battling depression and even suicidal thoughts over my circumstances and how people treated me,” she wrote on January 6. “My beach trip over New Years helped me put everything in focus. I have a beautiful life when I stop and realize it. Maybe everything hasn’t been picturesque, and maybe I’ve experienced my fair share of pain and heartbreak, but that doesn’t stop me from picking myself up, dusting off and pushing forward.”

We’re rooting for you both, Olivia!

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