Apart from Josh, the Duggars appear to be respectful, good-looking, overall flawless human beings. But back in 2015, Michelle opened up about her battle with an eating disorder. The now 51-year-old revealed that she would make herself get sick if she felt like she ate too much, a habit that began in high school. "Before I came to know the Lord, I had been struggling in my self-worth," she said at the time. Watch the resurfaced video above for more.

The friend who appears in the clip with her, however, said she had no idea about Michelle's secret battle. "Michelle and I in high school did everything together, and I never ever got the sense that she was insecure, if you will, about her weight," she said. "Michelle mailed me one of her books, and I was reading it, and you know Michelle's motto has always been, 'You'll never go wrong if you humble yourself.' And I get to this page and it talks about an eating disorder, and I cried." She added, "I called her and I said, 'Michelle, you never told me.' Again, Michelle was humble and said, 'I know, but the reason I felt like this was important to come forward is if I can help one young person or older person kind of admit where they are in life, with whatever struggle, then it was worth it.'"

New information about Michelle's past has been coming to light recently, like the fact that she and her husband, Jim Bob, never courted. Their daughter, Jill, spilled the beans and revealed her parents lived in sin prior to tying the knot. "So my parents, they um, did the traditional dating," the now 26-year-old dished in 2014. "So when they were engaged, they spent a lot of time alone together. They said they saved intimacy for marriage, but they kissed."

Although the Duggars have been on television for years, I feel like I'm finally getting to know Michelle and her pants-wearing ways. All jokes aside, though, we're happy she got the help she needed.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, call the National Eating Disorders Association at (800) 931-2237.

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