From the mouths of babes! Jill Duggar may have some explaining to do after her older son, Israel, seemed to confirm that the former reality star is pregnant again. The confession came via a video of her two boys, Izzy and Sam, trying pickles for the first time — during which, the three-year-old pointedly asked his mother about the status of a third baby. Watch the video above to see what he had to say!

Of course, if Jill is expecting a third child with her husband Derick Dillard, we wouldn’t exactly be surprised. The 26-year-old is obviously one of 19 children — and has long shared her desires to have a large family of her own one day.

“Both of us want as many kids as God will give us and we’ve talked about adoption,” she admitted around the time of her engagement back in 2014. “My parents have kept popping them out — so we’ll see how [our] fertility is!”

Of course, Jill has already been lucky enough to be blessed with two adorable little boys — three-year-old Izzy and nine-month-old Sam. Of course, parenthood hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Jill and Derick. With Izzy, Jill was in labor for 60 hours before finally getting a C-section. When her second child, SAm, was born, he landed in the NICU for two weeks, though both mom and dad have both remained mum on why.

Then again if Jill is pregnant, we’d be a little surprised that she hasn’t announced yet. Though most women — famous or not — wait until after the first trimester to announce a pregnancy, the Duggar women are known for sharing their news the first chance they get, despite the risks associated with the first trimester.

For the Duggars, those first-trimester risks are just all the more reason to announce earlier. Jill previously explained to Page Six, “Understanding that the majority of miscarriages happen within the first trimester, and believing that every life is precious no matter how young, we decided to share our joyful news as soon as we could.”

Sounds like if Jill is pregnant, we’ll be hearing about it very soon! We can’t wait!

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