Ladies and gentlemen, I have a disturbing announcement to make: the Duggars have been hugging behind our backs (and in front of each other) this entire time! Yes, I know this is hard to believe since the family is all about side-hugs, particularly while they’re still courting. When it comes to physical contact, you have to leave room for the Lord is the Duggar way. But now that we’re looking back at our records, it seems that almost all of the second generation Duggar couples have — GASP — indulged in premarital hugging. Oh, the shame! The guilt! Another Duggar family scandal!

No. Generally speaking, I don’t think you should be smited for showing affection with your S.O. But I was amazed to find out that there seems to be a “hug loophole,” something that will make a Duggar cave and hug for real. Uncovering this was shocking for sure, and it just made me think, “WWJBD?”

Oh wait, Jim Bob would mack it with his girlfriend because him and Michelle actually dated and didn’t go through this whole courting process. Whatever. Below are all the other couples who have taken part in some serious hugging action, and watch our video above to learn what exactly will get you a Duggar hug.

Joy-Anna and Austin

joy and austin

Ok, this one’s a gimme. The couple was grilled for indulging in what was barely even a real hug in a TLC recap. Joy-Anna goes to defend herself, but remembering her place as a woman, let’s husband Austin Forsyth take the wheel. “You know what, we’re humans and sometimes we don’t always abide perfectly by the rules but…we try, and that was a really hard try.”

E for effort, you two, at least they try really hard.

Jinger and Jeremy

jinger and jeremy

A rebel Duggar indeed, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo got some hugging action before their wedding day. We’re just not 100% sure how they were able to do that when Jim Bob was making dagger eyes at Jeremy and questioning his financial situation.

Jessa and Ben

jessa and ben

We know, we know, you’re shocked. As one of the earliest courtships on the show, Jessa and Ben Seewald‘s relationship was so repressed that they were granted a timed side hug from Jim Bob upon getting together. “You know what, you can give him a side hug if you want to, 30 seconds,” Jim Bob says, filming the whole damn thing on his Blackberry. He then goes to on to explain what a side hug is (spoiler alert: it’s a hug from the side) versus the body-pushing-on-body aspect of full-frontal hugs. But we can understand how Jim Bob would be giving Jessa and Ben conflicting messages, since he also dry-humped Michelle while on a double date. Memories.

And Joe and Kendra Too (Probably)

joe and kendra

Incidentally there are lots of shots of said hug and it’s a little murky, but we think Kendra got both arms around him. Anyway, make sure to watch our video to find out what did the trick.

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