Kevin Frazier had harsh words for the Married at First Sight Denver cast for “plotting” and trying to “deceive” the marriage experiment.

“I will say this, that every time this happens, when everybody plots and plans … you screw up the whole experiment,” the long time host, 59, said during part 1 of the Married at First Sight reunion in a teaser shared by ET on Wednesday, April 10. “This show is thought through, the experts spend an inordinate amount of time trying to match you up with somebody that can be your partner for life and when you try to deceive the process, you end up getting screwed.”

Kevin slammed the group for trying to “outsmart” the long-running show, adding, “All it’s about is seeing you go through in authentic experience, that’s it. And it’s hard watching yourself.”

In the clip, Denver bride Becca Haley claimed her now-ex Austin Reed “plugged in cameras” to capture a conversation they had about “optics” and how they were portrayed on camera. “I plugged those in so some of the stuff that hadn’t been caught on camera, when we had a disagreement, could be caught on camera,” he explained.

Fellow bride Emily Balch then called out Cameron Frazer for “initiating” the planning behind the scenes. Lauren, who was married to Orion, claimed Cameron approached her during the honeymoons saying he knew “a way to get out of this.”

Kevin Fraizer Slams ‘MAFS’ Denver for ‘Deceiving’ Process 1

“My experience was so off camera … off camera, we were strategizing, on camera, we were executing the strategy in which you created,” Clare Kerr, who was married to Cameron told the group. “Yes, I went along with it, what other option did you give me? I wanted to be your wife and do right by you meant following your lead.”

“Optics” has played a major role during season 17 of Married at First Sight. Becca and Austin were the only couple to say ‘Yes’ on Decision Day, however, the photographer questioned her choice as she felt Austin cared too much about how he was portrayed on TV.

“I have an opinion and when I express it and it’s not the same as yours, it’s automatically considered combative,” he told Becca during a February 28 episode. “Like, am I being combative right now? … The words you use to describe me aren’t for sure any that I’ve been described as. I’ve never been called these things.”

He continued, “Those words matter. That’s what millions of people are going to see about me [when the show airs].”

In turn, Becca felt Austin didn’t care about being called combative but was hurt by the “optics” of the situation. “I care about both, Becca,” he responded. “Have I said anything to make you look bad in any way? Ever on camera? … You are making me look bad, though.”

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