From ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ to ‘Kate Plus Date,’ Take a Look at Kate Gosselin’s Transformation

She’s come a long way. Kate Gosselin is reality TV royalty and is practically the queen of TLC. Since the mom of eight was thrust into the public eye back 2007, her looks have changed quite a bit. From her signature bob to her long blonde hair extensions, this mama has aged in reverse!

The days of Kate chasing after toddles in baggy sweatpants are long gone. Now that her sextuples are in high school, a lot has changed in the Gosselin house. Her brood of eight has shrunk by half now that her oldest daughters, Cara and Mady, have left for college and Collin and Hannah live with ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, full-time. Since things have calmed down at home, she is finally focusing on herself and loving life as a single lady.

As Kate embarks on her next phase of life, she is ready to add a plus one to her plus eight. Back in June 2019, Kate starred in a new reality show focused on finding herself a man — Kate Plus Date. “Are you ready to go on dates with me!? I can’t WAIT to share all these scary, awkward, fun, exciting, dorky and rewarding moments with you! I’m going on this adventure in hopes of finding my someone, but I also hope to show all single parents out there … that dating is mostly survivable LOL!” she wrote on Instagram back in June ahead of her show’s premiere.

Kate says her children fully support her dating and have discussed the idea for years now. “My kids have talked about it probably, over the years, more than I have,” Kate said in a confessional on her show. “It’s a topic of dinner conversation. It’s a topic that comes up more than people probably would realize, and they want me to be happy and they don’t want me to be alone.”

From mom life to the dating scene, Kate has gone through one hell of a transformation. The mom of eight has never looked better if you ask us. Check out the reality star’s epic transformation throughout the years.