The Duggar family loves to talk about buying used and saving the difference and how all of their thriftiness means that they can live debt-free. As it turns out, though, a lot of their ability to save money comes from the fact that they get a lot of donations… and apparently, sometimes they just don’t pay their bills on time. And, now, it seems to also come from gaming the system. According to a Radar Online report, Josh Duggar has been making money off his used car lot — without actually having a permit to run it as a business.

“We have one zoning designation in the county to allow single-family residential or agricultural uses,” a Washington County, AR, planning official told Radar. “Anything else requires a conditional use permit to request a zoning change.” According to them, the 30-year-old former reality star opened up the business on his own residential property and simply never bothered to go through the necessary steps to make it legal. And apparently, he’s been doing it since he left his lobbying job back in 2015 after his multiple scandals forced him to resign.

As for how he got caught, well, you can thank the fire marshall in the Arkansas county. Apparently, the government official alerted the proper authorities, and they gave Josh notice that he needed to be in compliance with the law. When he didn’t get a permit, they let him know again…. and again. It was only after three 90-day notices that the father-of-five finally started to take the whole thing seriously.

“The fire marshal wasn’t going to issue any more extensions… [He needed to] come into compliance,” the official told Radar. “He was requiring that Josh make a good faith attempt, or make effort, toward receiving a review and permit approval, so that’s what he did.” But the missing permit wasn’t the only issue the planning board had with the property.

In addition to requesting a conditional use permit, they were also requiring him to display the building’s address at the entrance, install smoke detectors in the office, create a fire lane for emergency vehicles, and construct a 20-feet driveway among other updates. So basically, it’s going to take a lot of work to get everything all up to code. Some of this, though, is just common sense. And it’s like, Josh, isn’t your brother literally a constable? Hasn’t he been a volunteer police officer, firefighter, and first responder? Like, what are you doing?

Of course, it seems that the answer to that is getting away with whatever shady business dealings he can. After all, this family may be all about their strict morals and rules in front of the cameras, but when it comes to following the laws to the letter IRL, well, it seems Josh has other priorities.

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