When we first heard of pickle ice cream, we could only think one thing: the Duggars are going to love this. Because, straight up, the Duggar family is insanely obsessed with pickles. Rumor has it this intense love all stems from the fact that Michelle Duggar ate them constantly during pregnancy, but whatever caused it, it's become a total ~thing.~ Not only do they make their own and eat them as on-the-go snacks and sneakily trick each other by feeding a loved one a particularly sour pickle, they also get straight up ceremonial about a family member's first pickle. And we don't just mean on Instagram — it's even been part of Counting On. Want to see what we mean? Check out the video above to see just how far the Duggars take their pickle obsession.

Now that dill pickle ice cream is one the scene, we imagine their cravings are only going to get crazier. But if they're up to the trip, they can make a pickle pilgrimage to a restauraunt in New York City serving up the savory dessert. Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. is the new spot from the team behind Jacob's Pickles, and in additon to dumpling deliciousness, they have pickle soft-serve ready for anyone with, well, let's call them "adventurous" tastebuds. And it's absolutely perfect for Jim Bob Duggar and his brood considering how much they love brined cucumbers (and watching their wives eat them) and how much ice cream they eat on a regular basis.

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Yep, we're pretty sure this is going to be their new favorite spot when they travel outside of Tontitown, Arkansas. And they do travel quite a lot, despite acting honestly rather ignorant whenever they leave the country. For pickle ice cream, though, we imagine they'll get their act together just fine. But when we make the trip, we think we'll probably just stick with the matcha soft-serve, thanks.

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