The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner, but could you believe that we couldn’t find any Duggar family-themed Valentine cards to send to our friends, family, and, most importantly, the parent-approved crushes we’re looking to court? Not a single one. So, we set out to make our own messages for Valentine’s Day so that none of our loved ones would have to miss out. After all, it’s about as close as they’ll get to actually spending Valentine’s Day with the Duggars.

Let’s be honest. The Duggars might not always have the best dating and relationship advice, but they do seem to make it work. Like, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar still look at each other with totally googly, head-over-heels-in-love eyes. So they must be doing something right — right? This year, we’re looking to spread a little of that love. If you want to spread the love, too, then check it out. Scroll down to see all the Duggar family Valentine’s Day cards you could ever want, then send them to everyone you want to court this holiday.

1. Hey, Valentine. Want to share a chocolate mess?

duggar family valentines

It’s a classic Duggar birthday treat — but who says it can’t work for more holidays, too?

2. I love you like a Duggar baby loves his first pickle.

duggar family valentines

And you know how the Duggars feel about pickles.

3. Can I give you my number? And my mom’s so she can monitor our texts?

duggar family valentines

Gotta keep a watchful eye!

4. Hey, Valentine — want to make 19 kids and 12 grandkids?

duggar family valentines

That’s a whole lotta love — and there’s even a bonus 13th grandkid on the way from Jessa Duggar!

5. Valentine, I love you more than there are Duggars.

duggar family valentines

And we couldn’t even fit all of them on this card!

6. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy! But be my Valentine, and court me maybe.

duggar family valentines

Let’s just ask our parents for permission first.

7. Want a sidehug, Valentine?

duggar family valentines

Don’t want to get too forward!

8. Valentine, you sweep me off my feet!

duggar family valentines


9. Valentine, I think you’re a big hunk!

duggar family valentines

After all, that’s what it says on the label.

10. Hey, Valentine. You’ve got my permission to wear pants … or not wear them.

duggar family valentines

Winky face.

11. Hey, Valentine. Want to get dinner with me and seven chaperones?

duggar family valentines

Better safe than sorry!

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