The Dog’s Most Wanted family hasn’t had an easy time coping in the wake of matriarch Beth Chapman‘s death. Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman has opened up about how much he’s struggling, but daughter-in-law Jamie Pilar Chapman thinks he’s doing an amazing job. On Instagram, the model wanted to give credit where credit was due ahead of the family’s TV show premiere on Wednesday, September 4. Posting a photo of herself with her husband, Leland Chapman, and his dad, the star had some kind words to share.

“I wanted to say how proud I am of my father-in-law @duanedogchapman,” Jamie, 30, wrote on the social media site. “I was worried for him when we were told he had a few interviews this week knowing how hard this has been for him. He’s knocked every interview out of the park. Every time he cries, I’ve cried! He’s handled everything with such grace and strength.”

Talking to Duane directly, she continued, “I know you’re making an angel above so proud. We all are very proud of you! And this whole family loves you very much! ❤️❤️” After that, she had a message for fans. “Hope you all are ready for September 4th 8/9 C [p.m.] on @wgnamerica!! This one is for Beth! ❤️”

Jamie’s right that Duane’s been both candid and emotional while talking about his wife over the past few months. While chatting with In Touch, he revealed that he “never” though life without her “would be this bad.” Luckily, having Beth’s dogs around has helped. “They know mommy’s not there, and they come to me and they just will not leave me,” he told In Touch. “They’re like boom, boom — like two lions, they walk around. … At 9:30 they come and tell me come to bed.”

The star is even letting the furry friends climb into bed with him, something he and his wife didn’t do while she was alive. “Now, they’re right where she slept, and then they put their noses and all that under the sheets,” he revealed. We know Beth would be glad to see that both her man and her pups are still getting plenty of cuddles.

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