She may be one of the only Duggar wives to get any kind of college education, but that doesn’t mean that Lauren Swanson is working in her field. In a new Instagram post, the young Counting On star opened up to fans by sharing fun facts about herself, including about her education. When her followers had questions about the years she spent studying nursing — and whether or not she ever put them to good use — she got candid about her career.

“I went to college when I was 16 and finished my Associate’s degree in Nursing at 18,” Lauren, 20, initially explained in the post. After commenters asked for more details, she revealed that nursing is part of her past, not something she wants to focus on in her future. When one fan wanted to know why she doesn’t practice, she admitted, “I would have to take my boards exam to practice. However, really nursing isn’t my passion.” In another response, though, she revealed it’s actually a little more complicated than that.

Lauren Swanson Says Nursing Isn't Her Passion
Courtesy of Lauren Swanson/Instagram

A second fan asked her if she had worked before marrying Josiah Duggar and whether or not she would ever go back to work after. In response to that comment, she shared, “An Associate’s Degree is only two years worth of schooling. I would have to go back for an additional year or two to be a certified nurse.” If the mom-to-be ever changed her mind, however, she’d find a good mentor in one of her sisters-in-law.

Lauren Swanson Says She Needs More Schooling to Be a Nurse
Courtesy of Lauren Swanson/Instagram

More than a few Duggars have worked in the medical field as EMTs (or, in Jill Duggar‘s case, as a midwife), but John David Duggar‘s wife, Abbie Grace Burnett, has worked in nursing specifically. Abbie, who’s also expecting, is a licensed practical nurse, a.k.a. an LPN. Though she opened up about quitting her job in a March 2019 episode of the family’s TLC show, the 27-year-old has a few years of work experience under her belt. We haven’t gotten the chance to see Abbie and Lauren hang out too much just yet, but we’re sure the older Dugggar wife would be happy to share some advice with her younger in-law.

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