As John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett get to know each other better, we're starting to see more and more of the Burnett family — and we're noticing one super interesting thing. A lot of them have jobs. Like go to work, get a paycheck kind of jobs. Which is, to be completely honest, a pretty stark contrast to the Duggars. Between the 19 kids, their parents, and their spouses, it seems very few of the Duggar family members have professions beyond being a "real estate investor" like patriarch Jim Bob Duggar.

Sure, the Duggar kids all have the jobs they do for their family, but none of them really have anything with hours except Jeremy Vuolo, who's a pastor at his church in Laredo. But let's be honest — Jana Duggar may be a concert pianist, but we haven't heard about her playing any concerts. Jinger Duggar may be a photographer by hobby, but not by trade. And Jill Duggar's midwifery is pretty much lapsed — and though she is a Certified Professional Midwife, it seems she was pretty much always assisting deliveries, not doing them herself.

The Burnetts, however, aren't playing around. Not only is John-David's new girlfriend a licensed practical nurse, aka an LPN, her brothers and sisters are holding down paid jobs, too. According to Facebook, Abbie's older brother John-Clay Burnett is also busy working. He's the owner of a production company, ReelCast Productions (which seems to be a legit production company, not just young fun like Duggar Studios) and he's a course instructor at Motion University. He's also worked as a videographer and graphic designer in the past, and his LinkedIn page notes that he's created promotional videos and worked as a camera operator for programs like ALERT and other Christian projects.

Maggie Burnett, Abbie's younger sister, is also a straight-up overachiever with two jobs. Her Facebook page lists her as an employee at a daycare center, but she's also a photographer. Not like Jinger is a photographer, but like how Jinger used to want to be a photographer. She even has her own business page on Facebook, Maggie Ruth Photography, where she shows off her shots. She's a portrait photographer, but based on her pics, it seems like she loves to focus on weddings and couples in general.

When it comes to the community that we've seen interact with the Duggars, the fact that Burnett family of eight kids contains at least a nurse, a university instructor, and an actual working photographer is pretty stunning. And it gives us hope that some of the younger Duggars will get to know them well and be better off for that example. Just like we hope that John-David courting an adult woman with an actual job will inspire our girl Jana to find a man who's truly worthy of her, we hope that having all these professionals around will let the little Duggars know that they can actually follow their dreams one day, too.

After all, Johannah Duggar wants to be a doctor, and Jennifer Duggar has real hopes of being a veterinarian one day — and we want that to happen for them. And maybe even Derick Dillard can finally land a job now that he doesn't even have a reality TV show gig to fall back on. Now that would be the dream, wouldn't it?

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