Talk about a transformation! 90 Day Fiancé star Darcey Silva recently took to Instagram to post a side-by-side photo of herself, and she looks seriously stunning! The 43-year-old mama once had darker hair and a fuller face, and TBH, she looks like a totally different person now. Watch the video below to see for yourself!

Last month, fans were wondering whether or not Darcey and her 24-year-old boyfriend Jesse Meester — who hails from Amsterdam — were still together and all social media posts point to yes! Jesse flew to New York City and was photographed with Darcey and her daughters on Sept. 24 to celebrate her birthday. The photo of the happy family was posted by Darcey on her Snapchat and shows all four enjoying a visit to the Sugar Factory.

Yet despite their PDA-packed romance, the pair hinted that there was trouble in paradise in two separate Facebook posts. “So over it!!!!!” Darcey wrote on FB. “Now he can f–k all the other b–tches!! Come on ladies!!! He’s a single man and available!!! He’s hot!!! He got lots to choose from I’m sure anyway!” When one use suggested in the comments below to leave her drama off social media, Darcey responded in several separate comments, writing, “My page sorry. Sorry hun. I’m over the drama and ridicule. It’s my life too. But I appreciate your concern. I think I got it handled. They will know about it anyway at some point.”

Jesse went off in his own FB post, writing, “There is no reason to get upset over things you can’t control. Value progressive relationships. Don’t settle for less. Stagnancy is poison.” A few weeks later, he posed a question to his Facebook friends: “To some people: Why so nasty about Darcey? What has she done to you? Please, you are entitled to your valuable opinion, but at least have some decency in expressing it.”

Yikes. Well, one thing’s for sure. If they’re no longer together, we bet Jesse is pretty bummed he let her go!