After a turbulent season 10 of Below Deck, which appears to be Captain Lee Rosbach‘s final journey as the show’s skipper, fans are wondering if a reunion will be taking place. Keep reading for details on whether or not the show will have a reunion episode.

Will There Be a ‘Below Deck’ Season 10 Reunion?

At this point, all signs point to no reunion taking place. There have been no promotions or teases for the much-anticipated show on Bravo.

Fired stew Alyssa Humber shared an email to her Instagram Stories claiming that scheduling issues with the cast made it impossible. “Hi – I’m writing to let you know that the Below Deck Reunion has now unfortunately been [canceled],” it read.

“We really do appreciate all of your efforts in the lead-up to this, but scheduling issues have since come up that have made it impossible for us to move forward. Please just respond to this email to confirm that you have received it. Thanks again,” the e-mail added. Alyssa didn’t indicate who sent the e-mail, but wrote, “Interesting” across the Story.

When Does the Reunion Episode Typically Air?

The reunion usually takes place the week after the final episode of the season airs. For season 10, the last episode was on March 20, but on March 27, there is no reunion scheduled and instead, Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen will feature an entire episode devoted to Captain Lee’s reported departure from the series. In previews for the “Ce-Lee-bration,” former crew members are seen thanking Lee for his leadership and saying how much he means to them in what sounds very much like a farewell to the “Stud of the Sea.”

In many of the dramatic seasons, the reunions are broken down into two episodes that air on the Monday nights ahead of the next show in the franchise’s premiere. Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 premieres on April 10, leaving an empty spot on April 3 where a second episode of the reunion would have likely aired.

Why Are ‘Below Deck’ Reunion Episodes Challenging?

Many of the cast members are already working on other yachts around the world when the reunion episodes take place. Trying to find a time when everyone can join in live can be challenging with time zone differences and dealing with the former crew members’ current work schedules. Chef Rachel Hargrove already said she wouldn’t be participating in any reunion episodes, despite the season being her third under Captain Lee.

Season 10 was also an anomaly in that Captain Lee only appeared on the first few episodes before having to hand over the St. David’s skipper duties to Below Deck Med‘s Captain Sandy Yawn so he could return to Florida for medical treatment. Her episodes felt like season within a season, as her management style was so different from Lee’s, and she fired two interior team members. The beloved “Boat Daddy” was able to return for the final two charters of the season, with two new stews from when he originally left.

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