In the history of Below Deck feuds, the one between season 10 stews Alissa Humber and Camille Lamb was one of the ages. Keep reading to find out where the former coworkers stand today.

Are Alissa Humber and Camille Lamb Friends?

Despite their constant arguing and smack talk about each other aboard the St. David, the ladies are in a good place now that they’re back on land.

“Actually, me and Camille talk more than I thought we would,” Alissa revealed in an interview with E! News published on February 6, 2023 “Camille’s reached out to me a few times and we kind of said our piece to each other.”

“I would say we’re on good terms today,” the Florida native explained, adding that she has “more respect” for Camille than when they worked together on charters around St. Lucia.

Why Was Camille Lamb Fired from ‘Below Deck’?

The Mississippi native was fired mid-season by Captain Sandy Yawn at the request of Chief Stew Fraser Olender for not respecting department heads, failing to do basic tasks and ultimately drinking on the job.

While Camille clashed with numerous cast mates, she got into the most heated arguments with Alissa. One war of words was so loud and contentious between the two women that the charter guests overheard it and were aghast. Captain Sandy threatened to fire both of them if they ever behaved that way again.

What Happened to Camille and Ben’s Romance on ‘Below Deck?’

After Camille was fired, she stayed in St. Lucia for several days until her scheduled flight back home. She had started a romance with deckhand Ben Willoughby prior to getting the boot, and her termination broke his heart. He ultimately asked Camille to join him and the rest of the crew on a post-charter dinner in town before she departed the island, blindsiding Alissa and the other yachties. Camille behaved herself, and she and Ben later had a passionate goodbye.

“I believe the dinner and her surprise was a little bit disrespectful,” Alissa said. “I was going through a lot with the firing, feeling guilty because she had told me I should be guilty, but I wasn’t guilty of anything. I just defended myself against somebody who got aggressive when they were told to do their job.”

“I’m glad that she got she and Ben got closure, but at the same time a three-week relationship is not worth the mental health of a coworker and a crew mate,” the Miami resident added.

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