Even though the relationships featured in the first season of 90 Day Fiancé haven't been as dramatic as the ones we see on the TLC reality show now, Season 1 stars Russ and Paola have endured their share of turbulence. In fact, some couples would have split amid so much upheaval. So fans are dying to know: Are Russ and Paola still together?

The short answer is yes, we're happy to report. But it's been quite a ride for this Oklahoman groom and Colombian bride. Russ and Paola met after he traveled to her home country as part of his work as an engineer in the oil industry. After falling in love, Russ and Paola decided to move to the States together. But then Russ lost his job, and Paola had trouble finding modeling work in Oklahoma. She suggested they move to Miami, where she might find more work; and Russ reluctantly agreed, even though he had well-founded reservations about his job prospects there. Not long after moving to the Sunshine State, however, Russ tried to persuade his love to move back to Oklahoma, especially because their house back in Oklahoma wasn't selling. Even worse, Russ clashed with Juan, Paola's best friend from Colombia who was also living in Miami. Eventually, Russ found a new job in Miami with a much lower salary, while Paola found a gig modeling in a music video — and posed in lingerie, contrary to Russ's explicit instructions.

And their situation gets even more stressful from there. In this current season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, we found out Paola's grandmother has been struggling in her cancer fight. And on top of that, Paola recently suffered a miscarriage and was told she'd have trouble bringing future pregnancies to term.

Despite all these hardships, though, these reality stars seem totally committed to one another. "Good times or bad, family should always be first #90dayfiance #russandpao," wrote Paola in a caption to a June 3 Instagram photo of herself with her husband. And in a previous post, she said, "We are so excited to be part of another season. This season hasn't [been] easy for us, but we are happy to able to show our lives, our struggles, and to show that we are not perfect, and — as well as many of you — we are still trying to figure all this out!"

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