Since practically the dawn of time — or at least since the Bates family was first featured on a Duggar special — people have been wondering whether there would ever be a courtship between the two families. Recently, Counting On fans have noticed that Lawson Bates has been flying to Arkansas a lot, leading some to speculate — yet again — whether Jana Duggar might be courting, and if he’s the lucky newest courtship partner for the 19 Kids and Counting family.

Fans over on reddit pointed out that a recent trip Lawson, 26, posted about is not the first time he’s flown to Arkansas in recent days. “This is one of several recent flights there,” one person wrote. “Could be he’s just doing some flight hours for his license, but courtship is always a possibility.”

Another person wrote, “Can he and Jana please just court already so he can get more of the spotlight he so DESPERATELY craves OMG.” That hilarious comment is far from the first time people have suggested Jana, 29, and Lawson should court, even though as recently as January, the oldest Duggar daughter denied any possible dating rumors.

After Jana shared a post on Instagram and Lawson commented three grinning emojis, fans started going nuts in the comments about a possible courtship between them. “I’m not much into matchmaking, but I’ve always thought you two would be so cute together!” one wrote. Another said, “I heard you and Jana are a thing!” Jana then stepped in and killed those fans dreams by replying, “No, we’re not a thing,” along with a smiling emoji.

Lawson Bates Philippines

There was also that time the Bates family account “liked” a comment on Lawson’s page that seemed to suggest he might be seeing Jana, which led to Lawson himself telling In Touch exclusively, “My mom was scrolling through late last night and didn’t realize what she was liking … Meanwhile, Instagram 101 for my mom is now in session.” LOL. Oops?

To be fair, the frequent trips to Arkansas that fans noticed could be a coincidence. Again, the Bates and Duggars are friends, so it’s not like Lawson would have no other reason to be in the same state as the reality TV family. Or maybe he’s courting someone else in the area entirely! Unless a courtship announcement breaks in the next couple weeks, fans will just have to keep hoping when it comes to shipping Jana and Lawson.

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