They’re just best friends, but Jana Duggar and Laura DeMasie are no strangers to the speculation that they’re secretly dating. Though Laura set the record straight back in September 2018, the Duggar daughter herself is finally weighing in. After a fan asked whether or not the two were a couple, Jana shut the rumors down — and hopefully put them to rest for good. Though the interaction has since been deleted from Jana’s Instagram comments, an In Touch reporter was able to confirm their legitimacy.

“Are you and Laura dating??” asked a fan on social media. “Anyone else think the same thing?” In the past, a Duggar insider claimed that the oldest daughter “enjoys the company of women.” The friends also travel together and appear in confessionals on Counting On as a duo, sparking comparisons between them and Jana’s married siblings. But the 29-year-old is finally putting her foot down and addressing that gossip herself. “No,” she answered the question simply. “And I would like to stop that rumor.”

Jana Duggar Shuts Down Laura DeMasie Romance Rumors
Courtesy of Jana Duggar/Instagram

“I have no interest in girls that way whatsoever,” Jana continued. “I have ‘courted’ or ‘dated’ a few guys, but so far nothing has gone into a serious relationship. Just continuing to wait and pray for the right guy to come along.” In the past, the reality star has similarly addressed fans’ questions about why she’s still single, confessing that she’s waiting for the right man. But she’s never previously admitted to courting. Though she’s been linked to several guys that fans suspected she may be seeing, any suspected relationships had always been denied.

After Jana was romantically linked to family friend Caleb Williams (who’s since found himself in some legal hot water), he rejected the rumors. “Read my lips… I am not dating Jana Duggar,” he wrote in January 2018. A year later, when Jana joined Instagram and Lawson Bates started leaving flirty comments on her posts, sister Jessa Duggar weighed in. “She’s not in a relationship,” she told fans in January 2019. And the Laura speculation has also been specifically addressed by Laura herself, as well as a member of the Duggar family.

After Derick Dillard was asked about the state of his sister-in-law’s love life, he denied that there was anything more than friendship between Jana and Laura. “Uh, no,” he put it simply. However, fans wouldn’t take that for an answer, insisting that his use of “uh” made him seem unsure or like he didn’t actually know. That’s when Laura herself joined the conversation. “How about this then,” she wrote. “No.”

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