There are plenty of unlikely-seeming couples on TLC‘s hit show 90 Day Fiancé, but Eric and Leida seem like one of the strangers ones. Not only do they have a significant age difference, but they also just come from totally different backgrounds, and the way that they live their lives just doesn’t seem super compatible. But we’ve seen weirder pairs from the reality show walk down the aisle… and we’ve seen some of those married couples split up in the year or two after, too. So what’s the deal with Eric and Leida? Are they still together IRL? Let’s review what we know.

How did Eric and Leida on 90 Day Fiancé meet?

Like a lot of the other couples on the show, these two met online. After divorcing his first wife back in 2016, Eric started looking for a new relationship. He wasn’t having much luck in his hometown of Baraboo, WI, though, and decided maybe he was meant to be single. As a former marine, he was also considering traveling to Turkey or Syria and volunteering to fight ISIS — but he decided to give love one last shot, first. He posted a personal ad on an international website, and Leida, from Jakarta, Indonesia, was one of the first ones to respond.

How old are Eric and Leida?

Like the Wisconsin native explained in the show, the couple actually has a fairly significant age difference. He’s a 40-year-old divorced dad with three kids, all daughters aged 21, 19, and 11. She, on the other hand, is a single mom to a five-year-old son. At 29-years-old, she’s closer in age to his oldest daughter than she is to him. Heck, she’s closer in age to his middle daughter than she is to him. But as single parents, we think they’re probably a little more compatible than their ages suggest. We suspect that it’s going to be their class backgrounds that make them clash.

What do Eric and Leida do for work?

In addition to being retired from the armed forces, Eric also works as an avionics technician and supervisor, working on electronics in aircrafts. Though it turns out he might not actually be so retired these days. In July, his fiancée shared a photo of him in his uniform, writing, “He’s getting back to the service. Come back soon, my love!” As for Leida, the answer is a little more complicated. In her introduction on the show, her fiancé explained that she first introduced herself as a teacher — but he went on to say that she’d also worked as a model and actress. Oh, yeah, and she was the fifth runner up in the Miss Indonesia contest in 2009. And did we mention that she’s also apparently a med school graduate? Talk about a triple threat. This girl’s like a quintuple threat.

When it comes to making a living, though, Leida seems to be mainly supported by her family, telling audiences that they spoil her. Her fiancé went on to explain that throughout her life she’s had access to maids, chefs, and drivers who keep her home clean, cook all her meals, and take her wherever she needs to go. It’s going to be quite the adjustment period as she adapts to Eric’s comparatively humble way of life. You know, one where you cook for and clean after and drive yourself — not to mention your kids. “I’m a little concerned about her ability to adapt to this… lower lifestyle,” the father of three said.

Are Eric and Leida still together in real life?

Based on our social media stalking, we’re thinking yes! The Indonesia native has posted a picture of the couple as recently as Sunday, Oct. 28. Her fiancé just joined Instagram in late October, but he’s also posted pictures of them together. Keeping up appearances for the sake of your TV show is one thing, but it would be weird to make an account and post pictures of you with your fiancée/wife after you’ve broken up, you know? There are older pictures, too, like one of them from the summer where Leida wrote, “I love you no matter what! You and I are meant to be.”

They’ve also both been posting plenty of memes joking about how they seem on the TLC TV show, which seems to think that they’re viewing their experience on the show as a positive one rather than something that drove them apart. There’s also this photo of what look like the couple as a bride and groom — but it was posted in February, which would make it a little early for their actual wedding. One thing we can say, though, is that it certainly seems like this couple is going to find a way to make it work… and they might just have more in common than they seem.

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