Wisconsin living! 90 Day Fiancé couple Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook announced they bought a house together two years after tying the knot in America. 

The season 6 stars shared a life update on August 11 along with a message celebrating their milestones as a formerly long-distance couple. “Victory comes in defending what we know is right while we still live,” the quote from fictional character Alfred Pennyworth read on her new Instagram post. 

“We’ve been together for four years,” Leida, 31, wrote. “We’ve been legally married in [the] United States for two years. After constant busting our asses and working very hard everyday, along with facing trials and tribulations in life, we reaped our reward. We bought a house.”  

90 Day Fiance Leida Calls Alari Family After Reconciliation
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The TV personality explained this is why she hasn’t been posting on social media as much in recent weeks. “Have been busy with moving, work, and getting my dear husband a new [car] since he deserves it,” she wrote in the caption next to the photo of them together. “God is good, all the time. And, all the time, God is good.”  

Leida is enjoying getting settled into her new abode with Eric, following her relocation from Indonesia to the U.S. “This country has been giving me so many opportunities,” the former TLC personality wrote on August 10. “I can still keep my career while I can keep doing what I like to do as a hobby. I can still be a proud clinician and still be artistic and crafty by doing cosplay.” 

The new homeowners first crossed paths after the divorced father of three posted a personal ad. They began video chatting and he hopped on a plane from Wisconsin to Indonesia to meet his leading lady in person. The chemistry and connection were there, so he popped the question after 48 hours of seeing her face to face. 

Even though they were fully committed to their romance, Leida and Eric’s daughter Alari Stark (formerly Tasha Rosenbrook) got off to a rough start.

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Their strained relationship led to Leida obtaining a restraining order against Alari in February 2019. On the bright side, they were able to get past their differences after the restraining order was dropped. “The restraining order [was] never meant to be forever,” the 31-year-old exclusively told In Touch in November 2019. 

“I did that because I had to. I have nothing against Alari. It breaks my heart to see this family had to [be] this way, and I know that my husband, Eric, is really [caring] and he loves his kids,” she further explained at the time. 

“We shared the same hobbies, talents, interests, so it’s not hard at all,” Leida shared about what brought them closer together post-feud. “And yes, [our] shared interest of cosplay helps a lot. Alari has an amazing talent, also she needs more guidance, more support from the family, and more great resources. We just need to keep supporting each other, since we’re family.”

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