The Alaskan Bush People are out of the Bush and…on our iPhones, so it would seem. Also, they’re in Washington if you’re keeping an eye on the next season of the show, but we’re talking about how the Brown family is slowly getting used to social media. And there haven’t just been bumps along the way; we’ve witnessed some serious scandals.

After 15-year-old Rain Brown pioneered the Instagram landscape on her own, her older siblings have ventured into the world of technology. The trouble is, when you’ve lived your life in the Alaskan wilderness (or at least faked living in the Alaskan wilderness for the camera), you may not be up-to-snuff on online etiquette. And if you’re part of a reality TV dynasty with thousands of followers, people are quick to call you out on it.

Of course, there are those things out of your control like when a Fake Gabe Brown was catfishing horny fangirls. But BTW, Bear, you may not want to fake your own death unless you’re cool with sending people into a panic — and subsequently, rage. 

Confused about what we’re talking about? Scroll down for some of the most eyebrow-raising Brown family social media scandals.