Shut down! OutDaughtered star Adam Busby clapped back at a “disgusted” fan over the large family traveling amid the coronavirus pandemic

“Why won’t you stop traveling? What is wrong with you and your extended family that you cannot seem to follow the guidelines?” a fan questioned on Adam’s Instagram photo of his Texas-based brood vacationing in Oklahoma. “I am disgusted. You have traveled several times since this started.” 

Adam Busby Claps Back at Disgusted Fan Over Family's Travel

“We are following the guidelines for traveling safely. There is a way to travel and stay safe,” the dad-of-six, 38, responded. “We aren’t doing a single thing that is against the law. If you think you can’t walk out of your door without getting a serious illness, then by all means stay home.”

The TLC star previously subtly shut down critics over their Thanksgiving trip. He noted they were able to “actually get away safely” for the holiday while sharing pictures of their crew road-tripping to Oklahoma on November 25. 

In July, the family temporarily moved out of their home amid a renovation and then took a trip to Mexico for his and wife Danielle Busby’s 14th wedding anniversary.

The couple, who shares quintuplets Hazel, Riley, Ava, Parker, Olivia and older daughter Blayke, are never afraid to clap back at fans and have remained extremely open about their lives.

Recently, Danielle opened up about struggling amid a health scare following a trip to the E.R. after she was experiencing “alarming sensations in her arms and legs.”

“It’s been a stressful two weeks … And the stress ain’t slowing down!” Danielle, 36, updated fans on November 23. “I almost hate the word ‘relax’ [because] I don’t have time to relax hahaha. (Who can relate???) Lol.”

She continued, “So, I’m squeezing some ‘relaxation time’ into my day before heading to another doctor’s appointment. Just want to drop a quick thank you for prayers lately. A lot of you have been asking and … I am feeling ‘better’ just not OK. I am still in the process of figuring out what’s going on internally and it doesn’t look like it’s a simple answer.”

The reality mom later shared a quote about not feeling “stuck,” despite being “overwhelmed, tired, overworked, over-stimulated or burnt out.”

It looks like the Busbys are unbothered by any shade!

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